Thursday, November 19, 2009

First Photo Posting

I have finally decided to launch this blog to complement my PhotoDiction web site. My expectation is that I will periodically publish a photo here, with the intent of discussing what drew me to the scene. My hope is that you enjoy the photos and that you get a glimpse into my rationale for taking the photo. I also hope that you will feel free to comment - on either the photo itself, or my comments about the photo.

The title of this photo is: "Friendship Endures".

[Nikon D300, Nikon 16-85mm @ 40mm, ISO 800, f/8.0, 1/320]

So... why did I shoot this?

The first attraction to this scene was the architecture (late 1800 - early 1900) juxtaposed with the colorful art panels painted on two of the windows. There are many elements showing wear and weathering - just as there exists in many relationships. The solid foundation is able to withstand or endure the elements that strive to wear it down. The bright and almost festive color of the art panels nicely contradicts and nicely complements the 'barriers' between the two women figures. The boarded window hides some element that was between them, long past broken down. But then... we all have secrets, don't we!

The top row sits upon a row of windows that show obvious signs of renewal. Though the foundation may be getting old, the refurbished row provides a good reminder that all relationships can be supported by renewing that which they stand upon. Be it love, friendship... or just a wondrous old building getting a new lease on life.

Don't be shy. Let me know what YOU see. Comments always welcome!

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  1. Beautiful interpretation. I wonder how many friendships fall away because the we don't hide away those things that draw us apart. Looking forward to more.

  2. Such a thoughtful interpretation. Did you think of relationship at the moment you took the picture or was it just an interesting building? I think the boarded up window is a blind spot, something unknown. It doesn't look like a barrier. I like your idea of renewing the foundations-it goes well with the title "Enduring Friendships".

  3. Wow! I had no idea what a poet you are. Wish I had covered that aspect of you in the article. Love the photo, and really enjoyed reading what you saw in the image. Looks like your blog will be worth coming back to!

  4. @Anonymous: I'm not sure that you ever fully see what's in a photo as you take it. Certainly I was drawn by the art figures and could imagine what kind of relationship the women they represented might have had. So there was a definite foundation to what I expressed. Upon processing the photo, I had a chance to reflect further on what was there, and the theme emerged fuller.

    I like your idea of the board being a blind spot. There certainly can be many of those in a friendship. I think that what we do with them ultimately factors into how they affect the friendship.

  5. @Wiled by Nature: you are most kind... and I hope you are a frequent visitor to the blog.

    @first annonymous: almost missed you...I think that friendship, true friendship, allows us to tuck away those things that draw us apart. Even when we are tucking away pain...

    Glad you took the time to comment!

  6. Mario - once again you seem to capture that which others only take for granted or observe only as a picture. One needs only to go to your photo site to see how great your imagees are and all that you capture within. Congratulations,thanks for the insights - will have to keep coming back to your blog now to see what else you have up your sleeve.