Sunday, December 27, 2009

The Nature of Being Neighbours

Neighbours share a landscape - tied to the location by proximity if by no other factors. I came across this scene in Toronto's Distillery District.

[ f/5.6, 1/80 sec, 32mm, ISO 200 ]

The wonderful brick textures, the symmetry provided by the windows, the offsetting green drain pipe complementing the color of the bicycles, which fit in so nicely with the nostalgic feel of a simpler time that this scene evokes; the feel of the cobblestone - all factors enough to make me want to take this shot. And it reminded me of two neighbours living together, sharing a neighbourhood.

Both are bound together, but both are also separated by an enforced distance. The one at the right, slightly turned away, not sure if it wants to interact or talk to his neighbour. The one on the left is a little more protective of her property, but the covering is in a bit of disrepair, the protection against the elements perhaps not as up to date as one would like.

But neighbours share a common lifestyle and are as much bound together by that which separates them. A good fence, for example, acts to separate and mark boundaries... but it also provides a leaning post over which to converse. Neighbours are always tied to each other - the bonds between them forming a sense of protection and security that comes from getting to know each other better.

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