Thursday, December 17, 2009

Snowy Avenue

Winter is a season that is often surprisingly full of color. Oak leaves stubbornly hanging on, colorful architectural detail, or a splash of red - worn perhaps as a statement against the white snowy backgrounds and the colder air.

[ f/5, 1/640 sec, ISO 200, 24mm ]

"Snowy Avenue" evokes a moment of winter wonder, a clear day inviting you to take a stroll down a snowy avenue. I like the sense of 'journey' that the line of oaks suggest. Winter is an appropriate time for evaluating where you want to be. Venturing outside takes a more conscious decision than warmer days demand. Though I might hesitate on a decision to leave the warmth, a trip outside on a day such as this brings a breath of be-ing that only exists when braced by the freshness of a cold wind.

Cold at the start - yet a winter outing is rewarded with the warmth that results from the constant peek of color from behind the snow, the re-assuring crunch beneath the feet, red cheeks on fellow travellers...

and a sense of gladness or joy that comes from accepting Nature's invitation to experience a landscape so completely renewed when covered with a fresh layer of white...

After all, why else such stillness and virgin snow, devoid of footprints until you heed the call?

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  1. Ottawa - behind the art gallery?

  2. Wow. Another great photograph, but even more captivating words.

    I just recently moved from the West Coast up here to Canada and you've really captured what goodness can come from the snowy winter months and how to cherish that goodness.

    Happy Holidays to you.


  3. @ Annonymous - yes. This was taken behind the art gallery, just outside the courtyard (that's now closed off in the winter!).

    @Cyndi - and Happy holidays to you too! I can imagine that the West Coast has ample scenes that call you to Nature's abundant goodness!