Friday, January 1, 2010

Shadows in the Grand Hall

A recent visit to the National Art Gallery reminded me of how much I like the architecture in this wonderful building. This shot was taken in the grand hallway leading to the galleries.

[ f/8, 1/60, 16mm, ISO 200 ]

The wonderful light streaming in and casting long shadows seemed to complement and accentuate the height of the hallway. The stone walkway and walls, the wide pillars, the immense space, all gave a sense of permanence. The lovers holding hands and strolling in the distance provides a gauge of how big a space this is. This felt like a place for the ages... and I felt my mortality here. I am but a shadow traversing through this place. It will be here long after I am gone. Inviting many more souls to walk this path.

At the end of the long ascent are the galleries that celebrate the creative glimpses that artists have recorded of man, woman, child... and their places among this world. Perhaps the architect wanted to prepare us for the immensity of human emotion that the Gallery exhibits will reveal to us. Or perhaps he wanted to capture the immensity of our ability to dream. Such grandeur, after all, must lead to something even more wonderful, more enduring, more inspiring, more human... more spiritual.

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