Thursday, January 28, 2010

Skaters [On the Rideau Canal]

A winter picture, given the season we are in: skaters on the Rideau Canal on a January morning.

[ f/25, 1/6 sec, 85mm, ISO 200, ND filters ]

This is part of a series that I am currently doing with respect to motion. I'm intrigued by the poetic way that slower shutter speeds can represent motion and bring extra vitality into a scene.

I like the sense it produces of skaters moving at varying speeds:

the parents sharing a relaxed skate with wide-eyed children;
the couples dancing their way down the skateway together;
the speedsters weaving in and out of the crowd;
the tourists strapping on a pair of blades for the first time;
here and there an elderly couple, smiles and memories steadying their movements;
smiles are contagious here;
and even the cold weather gets welcomed and praised, at least for today, its sting forgotten and lost
amidst the pleasure that a winter skate on a frozen canal can bring.

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  1. I have soo many great memories that look just like this! Great pic :)
    - Kristina

  2. Very glad you like this... and that it brought you such nice memories!