Friday, January 8, 2010

Winter Forest

I was out snow shoeing in the forest that crosses the Ridge not far from where I live. The starkness of the bare trunks, the spaces between filled in by spruce and evergreens - a most wonderful pattern of textures to provide a background for winter daydreaming.
[ f/8, 1/40, 40mm, ISO 200 ]

In a snowy winter
few human voices break the silence;
the only voice that speaks comes from the trees
as they creek and sway in the winter wind.

There's always shelter in the woods.

I imagine how tight a blanket the forest weaves;
close my eyes and see the rows of trees close ranks.
Evergreens dance to their places between the trunks
choreagraphed by the cartoons of my youth.
Are Disney characters lurking just off stage?

And then so clear
I begin to see the tree bark which will morph
into the wisdom folds
that adorn the faces of gentle elders
who braved these elements and found repose
in the comfort of a balanced world
celebrating the connection
between me
... and season
............. and natural world.

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