Monday, February 8, 2010

The Old Red Truck

The Distillery District in Toronto is one of my favorite places to shoot. This old truck has been a subject a number of times, especially as it gets moved around from time to time to a different location within the district.

[ f/8, 1/100, 35mm, ISO 200 ]
Old Red Truck

Even in this state, you can feel the pride this grand old truck retains. It's classic beauty complementing the glory that once adorned the building it's parked in front of.

You can close your eyes for a moment and see the joy with which the young driver pulls up to the brewery doors, takes on a load of fresh ale, and then makes its rounds to the pubs and restaurants filled with eager patrons.

While the men load barrels on the back, you can see the driver pull out a handkerchief and polish a spot off the front fender. He smiles as he sees himself reflected in the polished steel. With a honk of the horn, he turns to the road, carefree and happy with a job he loves and the countless dreams that accompany him along his route.

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