Friday, February 19, 2010

The Sanctuary

I came across this inspiring tree on the grounds of the National Art Gallery in Ottawa. It was photographed on a warmish winter day in February.

[ f/10, 1/320, 16mm, ISO 200 ]

I think of a sanctuary as a holy place;
a consecrated place where I can feel the presence of all creation;
where sacred objects and sacred thoughts are kept.

Beneath this tree I feel my being held
my breath complemented by all that breathe
my soul engulfed by loving hands
my mind fulfilled by thoughts of eternity

I stand
sheltered from danger or hardship
a canopy of strength to annoint my head
and banish from me
any fears
or wants
or foolish dreams

I stand nurtured
among these asylum boughs
strengthened in their resolve
to extend their refuge
far beyond the horizon

Is it any wonder
that as we wander
wherever trees such as these exist

we stop
and feel their comfort
compelled to share the knowledge they extend
beyond the reach of their branches
and into each of our being
by branch
by breath

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1 comment:

  1. Breathtaking picture--love the end of this poem, everything from "Is it any wonder" on--simply superb :)