Monday, March 29, 2010

The Colour Red

What is it about the colour red, that traps our gaze and dominates the surrounding colours?
And resides so magestic above all others?

[ f/5.6, 1/40, 16mm, ISO 200 ]

Red is the apple; the sweetness of temptation.
Red is sensual
when used to emphasize lips.
Red is danger.
And red is candy hearts and valentines.

Red is blood - perhaps of life itself
pulsating through our veins.
Red is the stop sign.
The wisdom to look in all directions.

Red is fire trucks
breaking the silence of the night.
Red is balloons
riding the breeze of Sunday afternoons in July.

Red is the clown's nose.
Red is a child's smile.

Red is anger;
your dad's disapproving look;
but red is also grad gowns and tassels
symbolic of maturity learned.

Red is the teacher marking my work.
Red is misplaced lessons;
Red is the re-alignment of hope.

Red is the ruby.
And red is the rust on a prized first car.

Red is fire.
And red is the sleigh
careening down a hillside of ice.

Red is warmth.

Red is the colour
of at least one door.

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