Monday, March 22, 2010

Urban Night

This photo was taken in Mississauga on a cold March evening. For whatever reason, the scene reminded me of a comic book page or drawing, and I was expecting to see a superhero or arch-villain cruise through the skies :)

[ f/9, 1.6, 26mm, ISO 3200 ]

Shooting upwards certainly plays a lot with perspective, as you can see by the variant angles of all the vertical lines. I think that's partly what adds to the comic-book feel of this for me. Combined with the 'noise' that's added from shooting with ISO set at 3200, the grainy texture looks drawn and colored in.

I can imagine the feel of the crayon against the paper. I especially like the contrast between the bright yellow and blue lights, set against the muted browns and greys of the buildings.

Distortion sometimes
rules the night
why else do we associate
the dark with fright?

But there is no nightmare to be had here.
Offices still lit for people working late;
apartments coming awake.

A common sight
on a common night
in an ordinary
urban place.

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