Monday, April 26, 2010

The Stories Left Untold

Another photo from the ghost town, Baclava, in the Ottawa Valley. Inside the old mill, shot through a portal in the door (a broken plank let me peek inside with my camera). The low light forced me to shoot this with a very high ISO in order to get the detail inside. The 'grittiness' or grain caused by the high ISO adds to the flavor of the shot.

[ f/10, 1/20, 18mm, ISO 2000 ]

In addition to the light that played so well through the interior, and the abandonned character of this scene, I was really drawn to the picnic table. Of all the elements here, this one gave substance to the workers that labored here.

a picnic table is an opportunity

to share a meal
to rest a weary back
to be a friend
to brag about the children
to console a grieving husband
to laugh about the weekend socials
to solve a family crisis

to form community

peer quietly into the space
hear the sound of tools
hear the laughter
hear the fatigue

hope thrived here
pride lived here
boys became men here

amidst these ruins
their spirit
still lives here

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  1. I love this image and the words. Fantastic post!

  2. Thanks Misty - very glad that you like it. Places like this are scattered alll around and it's a shame that their history, and those of the people that lived and worked there is easily forgotten.