Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Calabogie Homestead

I took this photo while on a mini golf vacation with my wife. We were at Calabogie, a wonderful little resort in the Ottawa Valley.

[ f/8, 1/25, 20mm, ISO 200 ]

I have always been attracted to old buildings. These in particular, exhibit wonderful character and history. The old homestead appears to have been a particularly grand building. Given it's size, I imagine a large family - typical of some of the rural beginnings of the area.

it's easy to imagine the place in its original glory
see the family hustling about their chores
listen to their laughter as they enjoy each other's company

hear the cries of the new born
that first drew breath here

hold back our own tears
as elders sighed a last breath here

hear the breaking heart of a mother
an ailing child held gently in her arms

join the clatter
of converstaion and laughter
when friends drop by

both good and bad
visited herself upon the settlers here

housed within this grand old dwelling
their dreams
their hopes
their fears
were not unlike my own

perhaps that's why
I love old buildings so

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