Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Black and White

Taken on a country road in Mississippi Mills, Ontario.

[ f/7.1, 1/640, 122mm, ISO 200 ]

ever feel like you're between identities
ever feel like there's something about you that just doesn't quite fit
ever feel like you can't make up your mind
that nothing is just black
or just white

that everything is complicated
composed of opposite natures

and you can't decide if the music should be fast or slow

and you can't can't resolve old aging and the desire still to grow

a country drive
should bring peaceful thoughts

not philosophy
or yearning

the anguish that's brought
by dreams still sought

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  1. Cool shot! I told my husband when we moved here that I wanted a Belted Angus cow. He hasn't got one for me yet... just plain ol' black Angus.

  2. A belted Angus - ahhh... I wondered if this was a specific type of cow or whether it was just a fluke of colour; or nature not being able to decide and choosing to compromise :)

  3. I love your cow pics! Don't know why but take more and maybe I'll get it!

  4. Something about them just begs you to photograph them. They remind me of a larger version of Hartley, our first dog :)