Wednesday, August 4, 2010

The Canal at Merrickville

Went on an excursion to Merrickville, one of the nice little country towns along the Rideau Canal system, and came across this peaceful scene.

[ f/16, 1/125, 14mm, ISO 200 ]

I love how much of a scene a wide angle lens can capture! On a calm and clear day, shooting reflections is one of my favorite subjects.

I am drawn by how the sky envelopes the image on both sides. And the stillness of the water elicits my own reflections, speaking of a calm and a peace that washes over me.

be still -

and like the trees
give yourself to what shapes you
and let it reveal the beauty you are destined to be

be firm -
and like the building
stand strong in your foundation
and weather the storms that assail you
and you will emerge unscathed and standing strong

like the water
flow smoothly

be at peace

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