Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Autumn Reflection

Along the Mississippi River, at Almonte, Ontario

[ f/9, 1.3 sec, 24mm, ISO 200 ]
Autumn Reflection

well before our winter comes,
she tells me
we should get our portrait taken

our children
will want to show their children
what it was that kept us together

and the picture, she tells me
should trail colours across the center
we were mostly happy

and perhaps there'd be a mirror, she tells me
with you on one side
and my reflection on the other
we mostly loved

and then above and below us, she tells me
there should be clouds
no life escapes
without some drama

...well before our winter comes,
i tell her
our love is true
it has endured
hence we're merged as one

and i present this to you,
i tell her
a scene i've come upon

this portrait of us
that i have done

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  1. Beautiful shot, Mario! That is, by far, the prettiest I've ever seen Almonte. ;)

  2. Thanks, Tim. This was on the bridge in front of the town hall, looking in the direction opposite the falls. Glad you like it.

  3. Wonderful blending of picture and text. Spectacular photo, and a truly fine poem.

  4. @nothingprofound thanks for stopping by and commenting. glad you like both :)