Saturday, October 9, 2010

String Theory

Photographed at the Byward Market. The high ISO was due to the cloudy/shady location and wanting to get a really fast speed to counter the wind movement. Actually I was inside shooting before coming back outside and neglected to dial it back. But I think the added grittiness really works for the textures. :)

[ f/8, 1/1250, 42mm, ISO 1250 ]

String Theory

i finally understand string theory:

when autumn sings of playground sliders
swings to contact the clouds
pumpkins on darkened porches
costumes at Halloween
leaves piled for soldier's forts


winter sledding down snowy hills
skating the frozen rivers
shinny on outdoor rinks
snowball ambushes
warm hearths
the smell of burning wood


spring birdsongs in the morning
the red of maple buds
yellow splashes of daffodils
fresh syrup on breakfast pancakes
the promise of short sleeves
after school bicycle bells
skateboards grinding sidewalk spaces
hide and seek at night


summer stargazing from the beach
marshmallows melting on campfires
the magic of fireflies lighting the night
loons echo across the lake
leisurely walks
outdoor cafes
time slowed down
aware of seasons

and all things
to connect us

and now -
string theory
is part of you too

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  1. Next time I'm up that way, we should meet at the ByWard Market... is it open all winter?

    Great shot.

  2. Thanks Tim. Glad you like this one. The market area is open year round. The outdoors merchants vary throughout the winter season. It's a neat place for photography at any time of year.