Monday, November 8, 2010


This photo was taken on a warmer early winter day, before the heat of the sun breaking through the clouds could burn the fog away.

[ f/9, 1/400, 175mm, ISO 800 ]

almost like an intruder
I stop and watch you
come into the warming light

and in that stillness
does the fog slowly dissipate

and you softly emerge
a hint of colour on your clothes

breathing your fragile gentleness
into the warming breeze

almost timid
seeming shy
in the warming morning

and before I turned my eye

you did innocently lay
your head
the wakening day

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  1. Mario-this is definitely a picture that invites reflection. The world every morning does seem to emerge as if from a fog, from some distant sleep. Invisible reality becoming visible again.

  2. @nothingprofound - thanks for the comment... and the additional insight.

  3. Absolutely lovely shot and insightful words.

  4. Thanks Erik. Please drop in again :)

  5. This is a fantanstic photo.I have never seen this type of plants in my country Malaysia.

  6. @Mansid - we sometimes call these reeds 'cat-tails'. They grow along he sides of ponds and streams. Thanks for stopping in :)

  7. This is so beautiful and subtle! what a unique capture of nature. And words also interpreted the picture. I love them both.

  8. Great shot (love the b/w.) Evocative poem. :)

  9. Thanks Lana - glad you liked this.

  10. "a hint of color"... I am curious. What are the red touches on the reeds? After reading the poem, I am thinking of fragile butterflies. A gentle, soft scenery you captured here.

  11. Very observant. The color is from the reeds themselves. The tops will often take on a reddish- brown color. Most people don't catch that this isn't a black and white shot since the colors are so muted from the effects of the fog and the early day's soft light.

  12. Wow, they really pop. I thought you did some selective color retouching. The reds really add to the overall feel of the image. I would have loved to see it in person.

  13. If only we had such an insightful interpretation to look forward to every morning at the start of our day, imagine how much better our day would be. Beautiful inspiration for getting yourself going in the morning.