Monday, November 15, 2010

Glorious Unto the End

This photo reminded me of a fallen soldier. And the repeating seasons brought to mind the repeating and endless wars we seem to inflict upon ourselves. I originally thought of this as a tribute to the fallen Canadian soldier. Of course, it could easily represent any nationality.

[ f/14, 1/15, 62mm, ISO 800 ]

i fear
none of us
will ever hear

you knew
the end was near

if you could speak
what might you say
of dreams
or promises
now gone away

we stand
in awe
of your sacrifice
how much
it won't suffice
to say as much

for autumn
does return each year

so too
the tears
the mothers' fears
that each new year
another warring season brings

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  1. It was such a pleasure to find your blog. I was struggling to put my emotions into words and you succeeded with such ease using the medium you know so well. I love the photographs and the text. Finding this blog is like stumbling on a lost treasure. Well done...

  2. @anonymous - your words are very kind. I am humbled that my words resonated so much with you. Peace...

  3. Poignant poem, Mario. clearly and beautifully written. Homer said that each generation of men were like the leaves in autumn, destined to fall and be swept away. I always wonder what those dead young soldiers would say of their sacrifice if they had the power to speak. I know what Achilles said when Odysseus visited him in Hades-better to live a long, simple and inglorious life.

  4. @nothingprofound - your comments add value to my post in a most profound way. Thanks for adding your perspective.

  5. Hi, spent a bit of time scrolling through and looking at your photos. I think they're great. I added the site to my reader on BlogCatalog so i can stop back when I have more time and read the poetry too. Wish I had time now, but too much work to do. Thanks for sharing your photos. Can't wait to stop back.

  6. Your photo awakes the poetry and the poetry puts visual story into the words. Such approach doubled my visual inspiration

  7. @BiggJTX - glad you like the photos. I do hope that you'll stop by and do some reading in the future.

    @Tomas - thanks to you too for stopping in. You have a most interesting approach to abstracts and their relationship to the viewers in your blog. I expect to spend some more time visiting there. Cheers :)

  8. Wow! I get an email from Blog Catalog saying they are focusing on Photography blogs. And what a discovery. Since I am a poet and have dappled in photography (nothing as great as your photographs) but this blog is awesome!
    I found both of my loves on the same page!
    Allow me to say, I take photographs, you create art! Both with words and pics! Beautiful and eloquent.

    Thank you for sharing!

  9. hi! I found your blog through Blog Catalog, it was great to have found your blog. I like the way you tell your stories through the photos. nice! Keep it up! All the best and looking forward for more posts from you. take care! Thank you!

  10. @joni - I am flattered by your commentary. I am glad that you found my blog and that you are drawn to the photos and the poetry.

    @Gabriel - thanks for your supportive comment. Cheers :)

  11. well first of all i want to congratulate you in your well deserve recognition..
    second - amh! can I ask a little bit of your genes, your photograph are way just too good... I wish I can have some of your genes and insert it with me so at least I can have a bit of your geniusity.. hehehehe
    looking forward for more...

  12. @Stephaine - Your post brought a smile to my face. If I could share genes easily, you'd be on the list for some for sure :)

  13. This should be sent to our brave ones overseas so that they know we are there with them.

  14. The red shade of the single fallen leaf and your comparison instantly fell together.

    We can only be grateful that we have such men who would sacrifice their lives to protect the people and the land they love, even if men have always known the futility behind the thought of there being peace.

    Mothers weep behind their eyes even if some may hold their head up with pride, for a brave one is her son.
    The son must surely be weeping behind his life.

    Truly war can never be argued to not be a crime.

  15. @anonymous - The sacrifice they give truly heroic.

    @ Sarath - I like the sentiment you've expressed, that proud as mothers might be to have their sons be heroic, they cannot help but shed the tears that come with the knowledge that they may perhaps never again share their lives as they know it.