Sunday, November 28, 2010

The Mentor

Coming across this scene, I had the impression of an elder mentoring an acolyte or follower.

[f/8, 1/400, 125mm, ISO 100 ]
The Mentor

Lessons Learned



waiting in terror
for changing weather to arrive
dreading a future season
where her beauty
might not survive



searching his soul
hoping to convince her
fighting the demon
of doubts inside
hoping to leave
the places
where fears reside

would she
his lover be?

would she
his love abide?


you are...

and even when clouds arise
your naked beauty
always leading me
to constant surprise
of loving you
for who you always are

for me
you will always be
the beauty I see
before me now


my child-

whatever you clothe yourself in
be sure it doesn't melt

before you learn
the nature of your truth

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  1. Mario-a striking picture. It has the elegant simplicity of a Zen drawing, well supported by your short evocative poems. My impression is one of courage, a delicate courage, that nobly bears adversity with grace and beauty. Among the poems, I find "you are" especially moving with its promise of timeless love.

  2. I agree with the above comment - the picture is striking in it's simplicity, and what is implied in the relationship between the two.

  3. Thanks to both of you for the kind words. I am pleased that the photo resonated with you in much the same way as it did with me.

  4. Mario, I'm not surprised you've been nominated for this Writing and Literature Award. You deserve much success. Your work is inspired and inspiring!

  5. Another beautiful poem and photo. It's no wonder you're a CWA nominee. Congrats!

  6. Thanks Janene - your visit and positive comment is greatly appreciated.

  7. The picture and the poem a true 'must to have' in every household. If only children and parents would review this together - oh what a changing world this would be.