Tuesday, November 2, 2010


Photo taken in Gatineau Park, Quebec; a walkway going underneath the road, and leading from the parking lot into a hiking rail. I see this as a strong image of a journey; of emerging from darkness into light. Perhaps a symbol of enlightenment. Or perhaps a plaintive longing.

[ f/9, 1/15, 24mm, ISO 640 ]

You wanted
to be reborn

to experience
something new

it is lonely here
watching you go

when you find
what you are looking for


bring back the light
and take me with you

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  1. interesting concept.

  2. Mario I find this image to be very striking and the poem really drives the message home. Great work!

  3. @Glen Graham - thanks. I'm pleased that it struck a chord with you and appreciate you taking the time to comment on it.

  4. Perfect poem to focus on when one has mixed feelings about something and needs to 'find the right answer'.

  5. I love the invitation (almost a plea) that you extend and the recognition and acceptance of another's choice/desire and the optimism around its outcome.

    I love the idea of photodiction, photopoetry...it's something I've often thought of doing. I guess I don't find the pictures I take compelling enough!

    I know I'll be visiting again - thanks for a great blog :)

  6. @ thoughtBubbleTen - sometimes it's the writing that evokes an image for me. Your own writing shows a keen sense of perception. I'm sure the pictures will follow.

  7. Thanks for the encouragement Mario. Perhaps I could aspire to do this in the New Year. I know how MUCH I would love writing to beautiful pictures that I already see and capture in my heart (i.e. pictures of life/nature)!

    May you have the wonderfullest year ever in 2011!