Sunday, November 21, 2010

Your Pixels Disintegrate

Photo taken at the Museum of Civilization, Ottawa, Ontario. But then, she really could be anywhere...

[ f/5.6, 1/25, 85mm, ISO 200 ]

i waited
in anticipation
of your warm embrace

the moment
like the silence
before the symphony
begins to play

i listened
for the strings
to start the tune

but you cued
the percussion instead

and then
you walked away

dropping the camera
through my broken heart

as your pixels

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  1. Mario-being technologically illiterate, I initially interpreted pixelate in its old meaning of being crazy or confused. Now reading your poem and resorting to the dictionary I have a better sense of what you're driving at. The woman in the photo receding into the distance, walking out of your picture of her, your dream of her, disintegrating into something less substantial than a memory.

  2. @nothingprofound - It's hard to imaging you being illiterate when it comes to anything! Anyway, you certainly did get the sense and meaning that I intended with this poem. Thanks for taking the time to research and to comment.

  3. The last stanza is my favorite.

  4. Thanks Jason. It is also one of my favorites as an ending to a poem (and a relationship).

  5. I think the photo and the poem work well together - she really does seem to be disintegrating as she walks away from the reader.

    I've just has a browse through your site, and I love your work.

    Thanks for your comments. I've also taken a quick look at your site. I envy you your travel and photo opps! cheers :)

  7. Mario: An interesting perception of a break-up/losing someone that you love. Sad, but beautiful.

  8. wow!...loved how you gave so much meaning to this photograph.
    Did the poem come as you were looking at the photograph ?

  9. @Sarath - in this case, the poem came as a result of wondering what the woman in the photograph might have been walking away from. That lead me to consider who she might be leaving behind - and I felt suddenly lonely :)