Sunday, December 12, 2010

So Delicious

I came across a series of boots on display in the Ottawa Market area, and couldn't resist their charms. These looked particulalry delicious, with their intricate patterns and the visions they held inside.

[ f/10, 1/8, 19mm, ISO 1250 ]
Leather So Delicious

when she chooses her boots
for a dream on which to dine
she'll escape the shameful roots
that play out within her mind

so she'll cover up the socks
with the callouses they hide
those new boots of leather
and her hopes tucked up inside

yes she's looking so delicious
so delicious
to those merchants of fulfillment

they'll accomodate her wishes
her wishes
with their judgment non-existent

they will want to take her eagerly
to the realms she's never been
they will want to show her greedily
all the sights she's never seen

for she's looking so delicious
so delicious
to those merchants of fulfillment

who'll accomodate her wishes
her wishes
with a guilt that's non-existent

she'll greet the morn without remorse
determined she will stay on course
and look ahead to journeys new
her life before she'll bid adieu

who will accomodate her wishes?
her wishes?
be more than a merchant of fulfillment?

why does she look so delicious?
so delicious?

for a life
that's non-existent

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  1. Great boots, great photo, great poem. I think all sorts of things can set a person off, dreaming about the life they'd love to live. A book, a movie, a photograph, something someone says, even a pair of boots. A sudden realization can release all those pent-up desires and send you trotting off down the road of your own adventure.

  2. Now those are boots a girl could dream with...

  3. 'Delicious' is a great word to describe those boots -- the poem, too! Makes me want to go shopping...

  4. Love the poem and the boots. When the boots are brand new they are stiff, until the wearer gives them the character of their footsteps.
    Theresa H Hall

  5. I like the boots image because I have worn such boots and other members of my family still wear them. Viewing the image brought back many happy memories.

    As for the poem it's another outstanding example to your talent. For me it evokes memories of a time when I took off my cowgirl boots and marched fiercely forward along the rocky path ahead to realize my barefoot dreams.

  6. Remember that lyric - "one of these days these boots are going to walk all over you" ? I feel like the poor girl in the poem needed to have some of that attitude in order to survive. Great photo. Wonderful poem.

  7. Thanks all - @skdd I really like the idea that the boots and the wearer each give something of themselves.

  8. Great pic!love the shot and also your post :)

  9. Thanks picxy - I hope you'll stop in again. Cheers :)

  10. This was brilliant how you wrote about that girl with dreams and longing who'll be buying these boots. How she transfers all her hope into her act of wearing these boots! Brilliant.

  11. @Sarath - very glad that you liked this one.