Saturday, December 18, 2010

There's Always Time

I was going through some photos that I had taken earlier this year when I came across this shot. I walked by this colourful patio in September and wondered why no one was sitting there. It seemed attractive enough, festively decked out, and yet there was something very lonely about it. It made me think about invitations - and invitations declined.

[ f/8, 1/125, 19mm, ISO 250 ]
There's Always Time

I saw you again
the other day
so colourful
and full of promise

you saw
through my seduction
caught me spreading
small hints of laughter
amidst the lure
of pleasant company

do you remember
how i told you
there's always time
to build a life together

to enjoy
great meals
of daily pleasure

the refreshment
of experience treasured

for all of this
i offered up
a multitude of chairs

placed attractively
among the tables where

i invited
a host of feelings

and yes
i know how much
you've tried
to visit often

but the patio
was always empty

and the doors
too often closed

and so
i do propose

shall we try once more?

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  1. Interesting coincidence, Mario! I had a similar feeling once when I was walking through a park in winter, staring at all the empty benches. It, too, made me think of unfulfilled promises, separations, meetings that never occurred. I wrote the following in my notebook: "Think of all those empty chairs, waiting for no one." Once again, I think your picture/poem combination is perfect. I like in your poem the sense of a potential that exists but was never realized but that nevertheless still contains possibility.

  2. I loved the photo. The colors are warm and inviting, but the chairs remind me of lonliness, of waiting, of failed relationships. Now I'm sad and reflective. Maybe that's a good thing. Your blog is sensational!

  3. very great photo! Indeed! you have a great blog! keep doing great things, as you have done before!
    please follow me at i'll thankful to you! M M ADNAN.

  4. @nothingprofound - I'm pleased I struck a chord with you on this one. It is the sense of potential that often keeps one coming back to repair or nurture a relastionship.

    @Carol - thanks so much for the encouragement, in spite of feeling sad and reflective. I appreciate your positive support.

    @M M ADNAN - I will drop by and check out your blog. Thanks for stopping in and commenting.

  5. What a wonderful poem and image. The image of empty chairs evokes a poignant loneliness of separation and your poetry evokes the possibility of meeting.

  6. I love/like your photo. Beautiful blog.

    You are also warmly welcome to see my pic.on my blog. See you around. Sending love and light,beauty and Joy.

  7. @timethief - you always key into the essence of what I'm saying in such a neat, concise way. Thanks for stopping by.

    @solcarina - thank you for your kind words. I will be glad to stop in to your site and took a look.

  8. I love it. Love them both, love how you pull emotions from a simple picture. In school we were given the assignment of writing a poem based on an image and these are always the ones that FEEL like everyone else can feel them just as I can, as opposed to the personal ones I'm used to writing. I love that sense of camaraderie you are sure is there because the power of feeling is evident and easily understood when accompanied by a picture. It definitely makes a poem powerful and I love it! And I love how you do it! Keep it up.

  9. @inmyredhead - thanks so much. I think that every writer hopes in some way that what they are expressing is able to touch a chord in any reader. You express this bond, this camaraderie, quite well. All the best :)

  10. you just made the patio so much more beautiful

  11. @Sarath - your visit and comments are much appreciated. All the best in the New year.

  12. This gave me mixed emotions. All at once it left me feeling hopeful yet somehow stained with a regret. Wanting for things past. Enjoyed :)

  13. @Nunee - Regret sometimes leads to issuing another invitation. You tuned into both the regret of a failed relationship, and the hope that comes with an invitation to try again. Glad you enjoyed this.