Sunday, December 5, 2010

The Watering Hole

I took this photo on a glorious summer day. There's a certain serenity in such a pastoral scene, which in some ways might lead one to envy the cows their simple lives. Until you think about their ultimate fate.

[ f/16, 1/40, 10mm, ISO 200 ]
The Watering Hole

Reflections on what it means to be a cow...

oh now
to be a cow

and never have to wonder why
clouds appear in clear blue skies

or where your meal is coming from
indeed, just this, could make me glum

why now
i’d be a cow

and share your lack of discontent
no worries about paying rent

no job to bring you daily stress
nor relationships to cause duress

why did I stumble on this scene
to watch you living so serene

hey now
i see you cow

ignoring me within your rapture
as you graze throughout the pasture

curious you look up and pause
wonder why I clutch at straws

to strive and be as free as you
living life without a clue

but now
poor cow

in a paradise of endless fodder
accompanied by sons and daughters

you wait in blissful unawareness
for events you’d find so heinous

and if you knew your destiny
no doubt you’d be my enemy

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  1. Mario-have you ever read the passage in "Song Of Myself" where Whitman talks about living with animals. I imagine that was inspired by a scene just like the one in your photograph. As for dying, we all have to do that. So one might as well live peacefully and untroubled as the cows do, until that time.

  2. There are times I wish I could be a vegetarian again.

  3. This is one of my favorite pictures you have taken for the very same theme you address: peacefulness. Something I strive for but the cows beat me to it! So I like to look at the picture and laugh at my striving!

  4. @nothingprofound -I have read "song of Myself" many years ago. I will have to look that up and re-read it. "Leaves of Grass" was a mainstay in our school curriculum.

    @Cheryl - My love of meat gets in the way of my inner vegetarian. Thanks for stopping by and commenting.

    @Anonymous - They certainly give an air of peacefulness. I think the scene speaks of a romantic view of rural life, which we often equate with a more simplified life.

  5. We are all heading down the same road, some before others, but oh to be able to head down to it with peaceful bliss like you have protrayed.

  6. It is indeed a gorgeous, idyllic shot!

    I know what you mean about the cows' fate, and have myself just done a similar post.

    Merry Christmas to you!

  7. @ anonymous - the peaceful bliss is sometimes, the best that we can hope for.

    @Lynda Lehmann - thanks for the comment. I took a brief look at your blog and found the post you mentioned. Wonderful! I will stop in again :)