Thursday, January 13, 2011

Impersonating the Moon

Photo taken on a cold winter night, in Ottawa, walking among the Christmas lights. Sometimes it's fun to personify the objects you see - and watch them take on a personality.

[ f/8, 2 sec, 34mm, ISO 200 ]
Impersonating the Moon

impersonating the moon

so -
you want to be the moon
in my night sky

rise up high
claim your place
amidst contented sigh

leave behind
the shining starlets
in their own sky

like chorus girls
in a dancing line

each one next
to each other shines

and in that blend
they all wonder then
just how
can anyone stand out

and all the while
there you'll shine
with brighter promise

trying hard not to notice

your concrete anchor
your disdain and your rancor

from your failed expectation
repeated every night
your lunar desperation

so -
as much as you'd ascend
if you could

you must see
that it isn't me
holding you back

though I might be tempted
to momentarily sit beside you

perhaps be warmed for just a while
within your glow

but alas
we both know

that you and your wants
are far too bright

and that you scare away
much more than just the night

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  1. Wow. A delight to the ears and eyes. Thank you.

  2. hahaaa...loved it Mario! was very nice how you also talked of the chorus girls!

    The moons desperation...and then his wants that scare away each of us...we stay at a distance from the moon...lest we too be sucked into the lunar madness!

  3. I love this. And I remember those lampposts from my visits to Ottawa...

  4. @Janene - glad you liked both the photo and the poem.

    @Sarath - I started with a personification of a Hollywood star and her supporting cast. It's neat how a character you write will sometimes starts dictating who they'll eventually be

    @journeyphotographic - thanks. There are so many wonderfully lit areas that have these throughout the downtown core... And lots of empty benches in the winter time!

  5. Loved it, Mario. The cost and futility of a vain ambition, so beautifully evoked in the poem. Wonderful imagery!

    Your photo reminds me of an old journal entry of mine:

    "What is sadder than a park in winter? All those empty benches, waiting for no one."

  6. @nothingprofound - I have the same thought when I see groups of benches together, sitting empty. I have so many photos of lonely benches that I sometimes feel I should make a collage of them so they can at least keep each other company.

  7. Well I love how you conveyed both coldness and warmth within the same piece. I've always found the moon to be aloof...hanging there looking down upon us all lol. Wonderful piece :)

  8. Lovely shot. I'd wanted to get out & shoot some Xmas lights as well, but the weather really didn't cooperate. Fortunately today's beautiful, so at least I'll be getting out w/my new camera!

  9. @Nunee - The moon can be so attractive with its many phases; and when it decides to get really large some nights in August. I never was good at physics to understand the whys. But it has a wonderful, almost playful personality at times.

    @Lana - Judging from some of the shots on your blog, you're really enjoying and getting comfortable with that new camera. Hope you get lots of wonderful captures today.

  10. Ah! The truth of it:
    " ... that you and your wants are far too bright and that you scare away much more than just the night."

    I love your image- festive and happy and fun. And the personification and story-telling poem felt like unwrapping a present.