Thursday, January 27, 2011

Tiny in a Large Space

This photo was taken at the Museum of Natural History, Ottawa. I was on the 3rd level, looking down into the lobby when the young girl in the photo happened to look up.

[ f/2.8, 1/20, 38mm, ISO 200 ]
Tiny in a Large Space

within so large
and tall a space
i catch by chance
your tiny face
and wonder what
it is you see
when you look up
to stare at me

does this lobby
large and wide
make you want
to run and hide
for do you see
how large a place
is the life
you'll soon embrace

how will you keep
such innocence
within a world
that's so immense
and keep your nights
for dreams so sweet
with none yet drowned
by life's defeat

many will line
your future path
some with love
and some with wrath
yet you'll decide
how much you'll ache
with every road
you choose to take

i long sometimes
to be like you
where every day
there's something new
to take you high
above that floor
where i look down
and your gaze soars

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  1. This is such a wonderful picture! I have a three year old and it sometimes surprises me by how excited he gets at the simplest things. To be so open and unaffected with a world of possibilities ahead. You captured this feeling so well :)

  2. Oh, how I adore this piece. Having spent 12 years as an early childhood educator and many more raising three children of my own, I am forever in awe of children and the wonders to which they remain open. This feels like an ode to kids everywhere, not just that sweet little brunette gazing into your lens.

  3. Boy, I love this one. I mean REALLY love it. The photo, alone, is precious enough. The poetry? So simple and pure of heart. I'm sure I'm not the only one who has felt the emotions you so eloquently bring to life.

    Such a treat. Thanks!

  4. it..I think one of the best poems i've read and an excellent photo.

  5. Once again, Mario, your imagination has soared and created poetry out of one of your wonderful photographs. I sense nostalgia in this poem, perhaps a longing for your own (or at least the speaker's)lost innocence. A reflection of the price one must pay for experience and becoming an adult.

  6. Beautiful photo and the poem is wonderful!

  7. That picture is adorable, and the poem suits it perfectly. :)

  8. I love this picture!! And the poem is beautiful!!

  9. This is so beautiful, both photo and poem. I especially like the last paragraph.

  10. Hi Mario, I really liked your poem and photo!

  11. Your poem is so simple, so wise and so lovely. It compliments the photo so well. Great job!

  12. Thanks everyone. I'm so pleased that you found some joy in this post.

    And yes @nothingprofound - there is a definite longing for my own lost innocence and youth.

  13. I notice the little girl too. great picture. even though a lot of subjects, but still the little girl stood out. thanks for the sweet poem. :)

  14. Lovely photo & poem. Very nice sentiment in the latter, great timing for the former!

  15. This is yet another wonderful pairing of poetry and an image. I too regret the loss of childlike wonder and wisdom and celebrated all summer by being a child among children. It was fabulous! The unihibited joy I experienced sparked my creativity.

  16. I absolutely love this, Mario. The photo but especially the poem. Beautiful and fills me with emotion.

  17. What an absolutely gorgeous picture and your poem expresses so well what I've often thought about children, mine and others'.

    Yes, they will walk their own path and experience their own delights and torments and I could only hope that they see plenty of hope and possibility when they look *up* at me...after all, aren't I just mirroring what I see in them??? :)

    BTW, I was encouraged by your response to a comment I left on one of your posts here and started my own picture and poem blog :) Thanks!