Saturday, February 26, 2011


Photo taken on a winter day. Sometimes the simplest scene will still to be able to teach me something or inspire a grand idea.

[ f/16, 1/125, 32 mm, ISO 200 ]

where do you
summon courage from
to reach so far
into the sky

though roots
would hold you
firmly down
away from this
you turn your eye

i sense there is
a lesson here
that you'd so boldly
have me learn

of loosening
what holds me back
and grasp what goals
i yet might earn

and though
there's tanglements
that would
our journey slow

there's always
hope and dreams
from which
my courage grows

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  1. So introspective and thoughtful, Mario. And of course, the photo... the photo!

  2. What wonders you do in black and white -- what a wonderfully tangled tapestry. The poem, too, is masterful. Thank you!

  3. I love the simplicity of your photos, and this one is certainly one of them. And how a simple composition triggers your thoughts is just amazing!

  4. Thanks everyone. All the tangles reminded me of those things that you allow to get in the ways of your dreams and goals in life. It's not always easy but I think the key is to be like the branches that stretch away from the bunched ones and continue to strive and reach beyond the 'entanglements'.

  5. Mario-Your photos make us stop and look and see how simple and REAL things are. To me, that's the supreme function of art. For some reason the poem reminded me of this Oscar Wilde quote: "We are all in the gutter, but some of us are looking at the stars." So though rooted in the ground, we're always reaching upward. In fact perhaps that's what life demands: that before we reach for the stars we must first be rooted in the ground. At home and at peace with ourselves.

  6. such a beautiful poem! simple and yet bearing a wise thought....I love love how these tree branches look...almost like roots in the sky... : )

  7. I'm dropping by from The Dreaming Tree. Love the photo. LIke an alien lifeform. Interesting view. Great poem as well.

  8. @nothingprofound - thanks for the wonderful Oscar Wilde quote that so perfectly captures the sentiment.
    @SprigBlossoms - now that you mention it, they do look like a tangle of roots don't they?
    @Charles Gramlich - thanks for stopping in. I've enjoyed many a visit to the Dreaming Tree and Lana's art.

  9. I just love your photos and the words you write to accompany them. :)

  10. Hi Mario --simply beautiful image and poem!

  11. This photograph for me to understand, I really did need your words Mario!...
    To teach a little and to inspire much!