Friday, February 18, 2011

Peel Away the Layers

Photo taken during a winter walk - strips of birch bark peeling from the trunk. Each strip seems so fragile and yet I also find myself wondering about how the stripping away must somehow relate to the growth of the tree.

[ f/8, 1/800, 55mm, ISO 400 ]
Peeling Birch Bark

it is
the task
of lovers
to strip away
what layers
our soul

each encounter
bringing closer
the truth
we must
together know

do not fear
my misconceptions

you must
be ruthless

as you tear away
the bark

that hides
my yearning heart

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  1. Lovely, Mario. Just lovely. Lends a softer meaning to 'stripping someone down.' ;)

  2. Wonderful, Mario! Once again I love how you extract deep reflections out of the tiny details of life. I try to do the same in my aphorisms-find the universal (or at least some broad insight) in the particular. I think you're absolutely right-we all want to be stripped naked of the outward appearance, the hard shell, our worldly disguise, to disclose the essential, vulnerable person inside.

  3. Lovely photo & sentiment in the poem. Unfortunately The wood around my heart seems to have petrified over the years. Working on softening it up so I can get it off, though.

  4. Mario,
    You found and shared a truth to relationship success. So lovely to read, so true in essence, and the photo's provocative too.

  5. Thanks everyone.
    @nothingprofound - I have to admit that I often envy how well you extract truths in your aphorisms.
    @Lana - wishing you success in your softening project.
    @Janene, Tricia, and Kim - thanks for stopping in and sharing your observations.

  6. What a lovely poem. Birch bark peels as the trunk grows and there's a message in that too. The loose bark strips protect the new and growing wood from full exposure to sunlight until the time is right for it to slough off.

  7. Beautiful!!! The picture and the words compliment one another so well. I LOVE IT!!

  8. I agree with Lady J. Your photo adds greater meaning to the poem and the poem makes the photo more meaningful. Beautiful!

  9. @tt - thanks for the explanation - it adds meaning to the poetry, knowing that the layers both protect and reveal the new wood.

    @LJ and Carol - thanks for the positive and supporting comments.

  10. inspirational image, both picture and words!

  11. Beautiful poem. I really like your site. I'm Square Corner, you left a comment on my post the other day, which I appreciated. Now for the things we have in common. Poetry, black and white film photography (I shoot with an old rangefinder--street scences mostly). Also I live in a community near Carp that you may have heard of--Ottawa! If you get into town and want grab a coffee someday, let me know. I always like to meet interesting people.
    You have a great blog.

  12. Mario, your artist's eye is such a gift for the onlooker, especially in winter. You show beauty where we thought there was nothing to see, lessons, where we thought there was nothing to learn. Calligraphy in snow, meaning in peeling bark, nature as a mirror for the human soul wherein we follow interior movements manifested in images, the inward seasons in outward form.

  13. Hi Mario,
    Great photo and poem!

  14. Thanks again, everyone. Your comments are appreciated.
    @Tony - so good to hear from you, my friend. Glad you found some pleasure in the posts.
    @Square Corner - meeting up is a wonderful idea. Let's look to do that as the weather gets warmer :)

  15. We hold on tightly to our layers don't we ?
    secretly yearning our lovers to ruthlessly strip away those layers...?
    With each strip peeling away, seeing our own truth...and how much we grow each time!
    but you already said that..