Friday, February 11, 2011

Winter's Calligraphy

I took this photo while snowshoeing in the Carp Ridge. The freshly fallen snow provided a wonderful background for all kinds of delicate plants and shrubbery to stand out. I was struck by how much many of them reminded me of calligraphy and other delicately written symbols.

[ f/4.5, 1/2500, 32mm, ISO 400 ]
Winter's Calligraphy

coming across what signs you leave
i have to confess that i failed to see
what it was you meant to say
when you had me stop that winter day

unsure of what you hoped to preach
and whether it was my mind or heart
that you wished to reach...

perhaps you wanted them to part

i know that seasons come and go
like love and hate there's ebb and flow
and yet sometimes one stays too long
it's hold upon you far too strong

and though i see with just my mind
that indeed the end will surely come

it is within my heart that shivers hold
unable to withstand the withering cold

and it is done

knowing that this time
spring for us
will fail to come

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  1. WOW!!!! This took me through soooo many emotions. Relationships that stayed forever frozen in that cold place. Never to be warmed by transition with no heat to move forward. Wonderful, Wonderful piece...I will be re-re-reading this lol

  2. Mario-this photo is as poignant and delicate as a Zen drawing. It is so true that for certain hopes and dreams of ours spring will never come again. They are frozen in time, unable to move forward, and sadly and bravely we must leave them behind.

  3. Sad, yet lovely. Once again, you manage to bring out emotion in the simplest of ways.

  4. It would be awful if I believed that a relationship could ever die. I don't believe it ever does. It may take a different form including one in which there is no outward expression of love or affection or care.

    And it is only when the natural flow of love within the heart is deliberately stopped that one suffers the pain and rigidity of *frozen snow* within.

    But if love is allowed to continue to flow within, spring does happen albeit in a different way to what we may have originally expected :)

  5. Your photography skills and different angles offer a fresh perspective of objects no one thinks twice about. These are amazing.

  6. Thanks everyone. I appreciate all your thoughtful responses. Your insights add value to my writing.

    @thoughtBubbleTen - You have a very positive view of life it would appear. It's a good way to approach the changes it brings.