Saturday, March 5, 2011

In The Winter Stillness

Before completing this week's entry, I'd like to mention how honoured I am to have 4 of my photos and one of my poems included in an anthology produced by Poets United. The anthology is entitled "The Poetry Pantry: Thoughts That Breathe" and is edited by Robert Lloyd, the man behind the Poets United website.

You can download an electronic copy for free or purchase a paperback copy by visiting this link.

I would urge you, if you are interested in poetry to visit the Poets United website where you will find links to many poets and their websites. There are also many inspiring and motivational "starters" and links to websites designed to spark writing ideas if you are a writer and you are looking for inspiration or needing to kickstart that next poem.

And now, for this weeks photo and poem. Once again, another photo taken in Andrew Hayden Park along the Ottawa River.

[ f/11, 1/320, 70mm, ISO 200 ]
Winter Stillness

in the winter stillness
where signposts
and empty benches sit

a vast
and wondrous barreness
where hope and beauty fit

i cannot
see the future
or know
what each day brings

but then
not far beyond my ear
an excited robin sings

there will be spring
there will be spring

just before
the warming sun
melts away this view

take the time
to see its beauty
and all that it renews

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  1. Mario,
    Congratulations on your much deserved publication in the Poets United anthology. Your photographs are exceptional and your poetry, a sweet read. Well earned kudos to you!

  2. Congratulations on your achievements! Your poetry speaks volumes : )

  3. Congratulations, Mario! So glad your work is receiving this kind of recognition. It's such a pleasure having you here at BC and being able to experience your wonderful photos and words.

    As for this new entry I absolutely agree. No need to rush ahead to Spring: it will come. Let's enjoy the last remaining remnants of winter. As your photo shows it has a magic and splendor all its own.

  4. @Kim Nelson - thanks so much Kim - and I expect that we'll see some of your poetry in the next anthology too.

    @SprigBlossoms - thanks for your frequent stops and comments. They are appreciated.

    @nothingprofound - You are one of the people that keeps me on BC regularly. I always enjoy your comments and thoughts.

  5. Congrats PhotoDiction! You are well deserved! I almost love every one of your photo and this one as well. They go with your words, or they speak independently.

  6. Mario, let me add my congratulations on your achievement. You certainly have found a form that marries perfectly your varied talents. Your photo 'Courage' is delightful, and the accompanying poem speaks its own truth. Checking out your blog has become a Sunday evening ritual.

  7. @Yun Yi - thanks for such positive support.

    @T.Pignataro - thanks for such kind words Tony. It means a lot to me to know that you are among the readers.

  8. Mario, How wonderful! I can't say I'm surprised, though. You have such talent. Loved the new poem/photo combo, too. Love your site.

  9. Hi Mario,
    Another great photo, and this is my new favorite poem of yours so far.

    Congratulations on the inclusion of your work at Poets United. You deserve it!

  10. Hi Mario:
    Congratulations. Your work is so deserving of this honour. Your pictures and words always make me stop and think and inspire me to look beyond what is sometimes so obvious and what is sometimes - needing some 'digging' to discover.

  11. Congratulations! It's so wonderful that your creations have been acknowledged. You have an outstanding talent as both a poet and photographer.

    It's been a dreadful winter and there are no remnants here I'm celebrating. Clearly, I'm longing for spring to arrive. :)

  12. Congratulations, that's awesome and well-deserved.

    You and NP both have such wise words. :)

  13. @Janene @Jay.e @Joanne @ timethief - thanks for your visit and your supportive comments. I too am longing for spring, in spite of the beauty that still surrounds me with this latest snowfall, I look forward to warmer days and the renewal that comes with it.

  14. @Tricia - guess we were on simultaneously :)
    Thanks... but I think I have a ways to go to match the wisdom of NP.