Sunday, March 27, 2011

The Natural

While hiking in the Gatineaus I came across this design etched into the ice that remained atop a frozen pond, whose surface was quickly melting. I was fascinated by the patterns and all the images my imagination could draw out of it. Later it was kind of humbling to think about how any artistic talent I might have was dwarfed by such a creative force as nature.

[ f/4.8, 1/500, 40mm, ISO 200 ]
ice-ology and myth

with such apparent ease
you sent a willful breeze

cleared the snow

then shone the sun
to polish the glassy crust

before you etched
some curves and lines
into a mystic shape

it seems

you carefully
laid out a story
or mythology

for me to seek
some individual truth

hidden in whatever
beast or scene
i might perceive

it is
with a cunning worthy
of any fabled wolf
that you blow away
my feeble creations

and as your symbols
and full productions
flow into one other
within a quiet melt

i cannot keep from wondering

how can i compete
against such perfect artistry

with a mere brush
and pigments

and imagination
less grand
than yours

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  1. But Mario... it took your grand imagination to see the beauty in the ordinary. I think you underestimate your own divinity.
    The photo is captivating. The words, so humble and adoring of the creator at the same time.

  2. No kidding right? Great pic - glad you capture these images and moments.

  3. Wow, Mario. What a cool photo. I love it. You really have an eye for capturing beauty everywhere you go. I love seeing the world throuh your eyes. (Glad you added the stumble feature so I can share it with others, too!)

  4. Nature is indeed humbling. Your photo and poem are lovely.

  5. What a great photo! No need to try to compete with Nature. Just to observe and describe is enough. You did both very well. Thanks for visiting my blog!

  6. You really do capture some great moments on film, what beautiful pictures and words to match. You inspire me to get my camera working. Thank you for sharing.

  7. It's a work of art (as is the capturing of it), prompting me to see so many things - mischief, mystique, ground and sky, fractals...stories...But I do not see competition and I'm sure you don't really believe that you have to compete with nature (or anything else for that matter), do you???

  8. Beautiful photo. I love the intricate moments that nature gives us. The poem is so true. Nature is the ultimate inspiration.

  9. I think that when u get something right like this photo of ice or the previous one of oily bubbles that then for that moment u r not so separate or limited from the creator as u seemed to have felt when u wrote this poem, but that feeling of separation is a part of consciousness we must reckon with and u do it well.

  10. Nature is the "Creator"...we all are nature's tools :)