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Memories of Marilyn

You would expect a tribute to Marilyn Monroe to be in Hollywood or New York City perhaps, and not in Mississauga Ontario. For those of you not in Canada, Mississauga is in the Greater Metropolitan Toronto, Ontario Canada area. It was on some visits there that I have been watching the 'Marilyn Monroe' buildings in various states of progression. Apparently the architect has designed the buildings to evoke memories of Marilyn. I guess he was a fan. Anyway, this got me thinking about her life and her movies, which resulted in the poem that follows the photo. I have incorporated a large part of her filmography and you can identify the films by the fact that they start with capitals and are italicized and bold. The photo was taken on my most recent visit to Mississauga.

[f/10, 1/1250, 32mm, ISO 1000]
Memories of Marilyn

you were more than
the bumps and grinds
performed in men's minds

stepping in and out of roles
you had to know that there were
Dangerous Years ahead

but Scudda-hoo? Scudda-hay? you sang
for what else could you possibly do or say
to the one-liners hinting
at whatever lustful dreams are had
while men watch The Ladies of the Chorus
perform in the bars each night

where The Fireball of their hopeless passion
took them to imaginary beach strolls
hand in hand with you
but eventually always waking to
the cold return that waited for them
in the darkness of The Asphalt Jungle
that was their everyday jobs and lives

all the time feeling helpless to escape
like a boxer caught in a Right Cross
which punched their Ticket
to Tomahawk
any chances they might have had
before catching themselves getting old too quickly
while wondering All About Eve
and the fruits she might offer
feeling Love Happy
in spite of their advancing age
telling themselves that you really are
As Young As You Feel
or at least as young as you made them feel

planning their Love Nest
they send every blonde a rose with a note saying
"be mine forever"
"Let's Make It Legal"
all the while writing the screenplay in their mind
to lead to the best Home Town Story ever

so they pack up their desire
waiting for turns in the tavern
which is just another of
O. Henrys Full House
where every room is occupied
by other men with similar wants
threatening their quest in
the desperate Clash By Night
that drops a dose of reality on them
like a possessed sweetheart reminding
of boundaries while proclaiming
"not here honey
and not for money
and it's not that I don't love you
it's just that
We're Not Married"

and their hearts feel crushed
by a torrent of rejection
with the power of Niagara
cascading through any illusion
they had of any Monkey Business
and their fantasy conclusion

now the night just marches on
almost midnight on their clock
so they don't bother to knock
any color of hair
as long as she's willing
they don't really care that
Gentlemen Prefer Blondes

alone with their drinks
falsely taking comfort
in the cruel sense of knowledge
that some girls get schooled on
How To Marry A Millionaire

watching enviously as the studio executives
continue prowling the bars
luring aspiring starlets
with the cinematic promise that
There's No Business Like Show Business
though some will be forsaken
the glamour will only take them
along a heartless journey down their
personal River Of No Return

and they desperately can't see that
the wind just stirs a fantasy and
The Seven Year Itch
is just a Bus Stop along the route
in a string of broken relationships

instead they just keep on playing
The Prince And The Showgirl
to every marilyn in every bar

hoping to discover
if Some Like It Hot
all the while rejecting
those that do not

until finally

in a never ending night

"let's just stop", she says
"and Let's Make Love", she says
"and pretend that we're ok
because you know
there must be a pill
to get over this stage fright
and cure us from being
damaged and lost as
The Misfits
we really are."

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  1. interesting buildings.i didn't even know about them.thanks for sharing.
    congrats for the architect anyway for creating the female-body-form buildings!that's quite amazing!

  2. Excellent piece! I also love that you chose architecture as the accompanying photo.

  3. Wow! What a great tribute to Marilyn. Love it! And I love the sensual curves of the buildings, too. They're cool.

  4. Mario-I like the way your poem mirrors the structure of the buildings. I suppose every generation craves some myths of its own. The "Marilyn" phenomenon is one of ours.

  5. I love the way the form of your poem reflects the form of the buildings. Great tribute to M.M. And thanks for visiting my blog!

  6. Form is amazing. Tribute, touching. Photograph? An exceptional, fresh perspective from a Master, as always.

  7. I really like your style and vision. And the way you share your photos and thoughts. I added your blog to my site...

  8. That was great! all her movies embedded in your tale!

  9. As many others have already stated, I like your style. I'll be back!

  10. lovely..
    welcome to JP...

    your taste on photograph is extraordinary.

  11. Very entertaining read! I will be back...

  12. I suppose I can see Marilyn's curves in those buildings. I see much more of her in your poetic tribute and now want to (finally) see some of her movies!

  13. The words were beautiful and entertaining...and the picture captured is a perfect addition to the ode.

  14. Thanks first of all for telling me something I didn't know. Those buildings look amazing. And then of course thanks for the lovely poem! Fitting all her movies in was a challenge!