Sunday, April 10, 2011

A Never Ending Love Song

Sometimes graffiti is really wonderful to come across. This was shot in Ottawa, on the corner of Sunnyside and Bank.

[ f/8, 1/40, 18mm, ISO 800 ]
neverending love song

the ballad
you wish to hear

is in the heart
that's always near

it will release you
from any pain
that you might feel

and set aside your doubts
wipe away your tears

for my lyrics
will tell you
there is
no lasting wrong

that can't be erased
by this

the never ending
love song

i sing to you
each day

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  1. wow! nice and interesting effort! mines here~

  2. @Jingle: I assume you mean singing - but sining is fun too :)

  3. Great imagery. Very nice poem.

  4. love this much depth of thought in so many ways.

  5. Mario~
    You captured the talent and mood of the Ottawa graffiti artist with this photo. And I fully believe the message in your poem..."there is no lasting wrong" Love. Love. Love.

  6. I love public art (all sorts!)
    This photo you have here is pretty amazing. and beautiful poem as well!

  7. love it and find the photo really interesting its as if her memory of the song has been projected onto the wall.

  8. That's graffiti? How soft and beautiful. Capturing it in black and white was genius. Love the poem, too, as always.

    Starting my day of with a smile. Thanks, Mario!

  9. Mario, your photo is amazing on so many different levels. The drawing of the guitarist is so lifelike one imagines the girl standing there can actually hear the music he's playing. And I love the message of your poem: Music, like love, conquers all.

  10. Could this be a Higher Power you're speaking of? Mine is like that... He's within, sings to me everyday and always forgives. I love, love, locve this!

    Oh, and I am passionate about music, too...


  11. I love the pairing of this poem with the photograph...its simply beautiful and captures the mood very well. Your poem is so uplifting : )

  12. What an awesome photo! I love murals / graffiti like that!!! Your poem is so beautiful. What a lovely image to think that we are singing to our partners (and friends) all day with our actions. :)

    My Poetry Pantry Poems: A Wacky News Rhyming Riddle, Scary Small Studios, and The Hairy Legs Dream.

  13. There comes along in a person's life where they are struck by an artist. their music just hits the right cord in their soul. that is what i saw and read in both. someone entranced.


  14. It set aside time for thought and reflection of the music.

  15. Awards for you, thanks for the support!

    Share a free verse today,

    Bless your talent.


    less than 4 hours before closing, come on in Now!

  16. Sweet indeed and what a great picture!

  17. truly mesmerizing,

    such a amazing view,

    can be shared many way,

    like a desire of a player got a shape of little creature, or a past standing front of him to re join,

    words are touching and warm.god bless,thanks for sharing.

  18. wow...its poetry like this that flls my soul with love & joy...

  19. Wow...that's so cool! Thanks for sharing!

  20. This is great - the graffiti itself is obviously beautifully done, but your picture enhances it with the watching girl. And then the poem adds another layer on top... wonderful.

  21. join poets rally today,
    share your talent, get tickled.

    bless your weekend.

  22. this is quite amazing.this is the work of an artsist.thank you for sharing!