Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Infinite Yearnings

I have been away, followed by a sickness which has kept me from writing and posting over the past month. I'm hoping now that I am over the worst of it and can continue with my weekly postings. This photo was taken in Graffiti Alley in Philadelphia. I was struck by the variety of expressions that lived in the color and the words of the graffiti. The arches almost gave a sense of going on forever, as did the voices of those that painted their message for others to see.

[ f/8, 1/125, 40 mm, ISO 1000 ]

i see the repetitions
where far off they disappear
along with cries for freedom
that someone shouts from here

some looking to belong
others expressing love for all to see
some looking for a voice
others yelling out the future they want to be

and like the rainbow
that shines so brilliant in too brief a moment's pass
it makes us pause in awe and wonder
for we know its beauty will not forever last

and so we strain to hear the voices
that they may rise above the stifling din
and touch our hearts with those that painted here
and left their spirits trapped within

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  1. wow! how nicely you captured the "randomness"! love the poem as well, especially the last a few lines.

  2. Fantastic photo and the words just make the story within the pixels all the more absorbing!

  3. That photo and your words really do make graffiti look beautiful. :)

  4. Amazing... how well you've written the life's perspective....Gr8 job..

  5. That is a truly beautiful photo! I'd love to see it in its original size or better still, enlarged.

  6. I'm so glad you're back, Mario. Your poems and photographs are just so wonderful. I went through quite a withdrawl while you were gone!

  7. Welcome back, Mario, and I am happy to hear that you are feeling better! This photo is so wonderfully captured. Reading your poem I can hear the voices of expression and freedom ringing through the alley :)

  8. I love compliment of picture and poetry. I think you really captured the artistic nature of graffiti, that it is a form of expression

  9. Love the last line of the poem: "and left their spirits trapped within." It so suits the claustrophobic feeling, the labyrinthine nature of your remarkable photo.

  10. Wonderful photo and a very applicable poem! Sorry you haven't been well. Hope you're back to 100% ASAP!

  11. Such a beautiful melody...loved where you took this picture :)

  12. Mario,
    You've perfectly angled your lens to focus our attention on the symmetry, the beauty, the message. I like this photo a lot; and as usual, your words add a completely different and thought-provoking perspective. I like that a lot, too . I just returned from 15 days in Spain and Italy, and graffiti is rampant in both countries. Interestingly, it is more art and expression, less rant and rebellion. I found it captivating. Hope you are feeling better!

  13. Hi Mario,
    I'm glad you're felling better. It's nice to see you back and posting again.
    ~Wonderful poem and photo!

  14. wow, that photo is incredible! and of course your words to match. hope you are doing well, mario. i really enjoy your blog.

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  15. Mario, your words, as your photographs, are deep and true!

  16. What a thrill to land on your amazing poetry land.
    Come sharing your poetry with us today,
    First time participants are welcome sharing 1 to 3 random poems or poems unrelated to our theme.

    Hope to see you linked in.
    Happy Tuesday!

  17. What a wonderful, thought-provoking photo and poem.