Sunday, July 17, 2011

Memory Market

This photo was taken at the St. Lawrence Market in downtown Toronto. If you ever get a chance to visit there, the local color, the merchants, the artisans, among the historical architecture all provide a wonderful ambience to stroll within. I hope you enjoy the photo and the poem it inspired.

Memory Market
[ f/10, 1/320, 38mm, ISO 800 ]

for you

the market place is selling memories
on tables lined with faded lace

and on each table the remnants lay
of dreams you might have chased

oh you relics that are cast aside
your purpose long fulfilled

displayed among the tables there
you're hoping for new love to build

yet most will pass so unaware
of your treasures lying dormant

moving by with too short stares
adding to your cruel torment

as you strain to demonstrate
you've lots to give to someone new

in a world you could create
in a life you could renew

like lovers that you've had before
in your youth that's never more

with its never ending serenade
you strain to halt the memories fade

and while the song is getting old
there are stories to still unfold

and though the melody
is lost to all

you still hear the music

and you would gladly
heed its call

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  1. Lets begin with the photo... amazing! I looked at it long and hard, trying to determine why it touched me so. The blended art and reality are striking. The similarities between painted and living tableaux are surprising. And then the poem... how powerful the pull of the past...

  2. I enjoyed this very much. I spend a lot of time browsing such places and bring far too many things home. I wondered the other day about all the memories that these items must hold.

    Lovely picture too! :-)

  3. Wonderful photo. For me, the poem describes the life of an elderly person... sometimes forgotten and passed by as though they have nothing left to offer.

  4. "you still hear the music." That made me well up.

    Amazing write and the image fits.

  5. "the remnants lay of dreams you might have chased"

    Nice poem of memories of youth and lost loves.

  6. I browse such areas frequently, and i can now hear them whispering your words to me as i pass them by. The poem really makes you stop to think about how precious other people's treasures are and what magical, happy or perhaps sad stories lay beneath. Thank you for your masterful insight entwined with your beautiful photo.

  7. I love both the image and the poem - a perfect fit. Thank you

  8. Wonderful both photgraph and prose, go hand in hand, relics on the table, relics and remnants of hearts, lovely.

  9. this is beyond beautiful! this was near perfection! wonderful piece!

  10. You took me to a journey long forgotten... with your first lines...
    'the market place is selling memories
    on tables lined with faded lace'
    ... and then it was a delight to read it all... Loved your perfect...

    ॐ नमः शिवाय
    Om Namah Shivaya

  11. Love this picture! The painted figures and the real ones fit together wonderfully.

  12. Love the photo and the poem.

    Liked this lines in particular:

    "and while the song is getting old
    there are stories to still unfold"

    Good insight -- that in old memories, there are still discoveries to be made in them.

  13. Brilliant photo loved it and the words really bring the scene to life ...sometimes letting go of our treasured past is painful to us but meaningless to anyone else think you portrayed this beautifully ...thank you

  14. great photo, loved the mural. and the narrative was wonderful as well.

  15. Love the photo, and the mural. I suppose many old people feel as well what these knickknacks feel, that there is so much love and music still inside them that no one any longer cares to share.

  16. Both were good. I like the way you express the feelings attached to the items on the table.

  17. What an amazing photo! I loved how the mural blend in with the surrounding, a true depiction of the opening lines of your poem :)

  18. Very lovely poem. Wonderful story, told well.

  19. Poem really resonates. The photo too is beautiful.

  20. true, stories keep unfolding despite the fact that the music is over.

    Thanks for sharing.

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  22. I could feel the longing of those relics - longing for someone who would own them and cherish them, and create new stories with them. Old things really carry so much with them: so much charm, history, and value that can't be measured merely through monetary terms. And when relics possess these, they cease to become merely items that people collect; they become pieces that speak of one's life.

  23. I agree with Philip that line struck me as well, fantastic poem!

  24. You gave a heart to inanimate objects; made us care about them. That takes a Poet (capital P).

  25. I love markets and was a stallholder at local Sunday markets for many years. Know what you mean about selling memories. Also love this photo.