Sunday, July 24, 2011

Summer Breeze

I took this photo at one of my favorite places in Ottawa, the Dick Bell park and marina along the Ottawa River. A little bit of summer whimsy. I hope you enjoy both the poem and the photo.

[ f/14, 1/125, 24mm, ISO 200, GND filter ]

Summer Breeze

summer breeze
with ease
i contemplate

warm days
fog and haze

boats sail
laughter hails
carefree days

sun sings
sea bird wings
flap away

if tomorrow
there is sorrow
i'll be fine

for here I'll be
this scene I'll see
in my mind

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  1. Vangogh? Man have you gotta an eye.

  2. Tight poem - it just roles off the tongue. What a sure find beautiful things, places, and poems!

  3. Lovely photo, but it was your poem that captivated me. I love the form: three line stanzas and that wonderful rhyming scheme. More please.

  4. Beautiful composition within the photo... love how the blues radiate throughout the piece.

    And yet, the poetry has such stunning imagery that it sails far beyond the waters of your photo. Wonderful combo.

  5. The Picture takes you away.... Your words make it a reality! Very Nice !

  6. You captured the essence of the landscape moment displayed within your photograph very well. I really like the way the pic came out, I dabble around with photography on the side, not very good though-so haven't posted anything yet, you're quite good at it, at least from my vantage point. Enjoyed the write/image

  7. Your image is inviting... so different from the landscape I enjoy in the desert southwest! Your verse, while simple, contains the keys to happiness: Live in the Now. Appreciate it. When times are tough, count your blessings. Lovely!

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  9. Individually the poem and photo or wonderful, but they compliment each other magnificently. The poem describes a beauty that lasts forever, love it.

  10. Incredibly beautiful scene you gave us in photo and verse. The rhyme pattern is perfect.

  11. So glad I found your site. Beautiful verse and photos; I look forward to following your inspirations

  12. this is beautiful ...

    have a magical summer.

  13. I'm so glad I discovered your blog via Poets United. Both your photos and your words are beautiful.

  14. Love your pictures with flowers in the foreground and magnificent scenery in the background. But your poem is incredible as well, such a tight rhyme scheme and flow, very simple and easy breezy, perfectly describes a summer day :)

  15. this is so beautiful! especially photo. reminds me monet's painting.