Monday, August 8, 2011

Aging Gracious

While on a recent (and too short) visit to Boston, I was struck by the architecture and especially the way that so many old historical buildings were mixed in with newer modern buildings. Following is one of the photos that I took. I like this one because it shows a diversity of styles and historical eras. I hope you enjoy it... and the poem that accompanies it.

[ f/16, 1/125, 58mm, ISO 200 ]
Architecture soup

there's harmony
in city streets
where buildings old
see no retreat

and new facades
do show respect
to companions
some would reject

they reap
a mutual benefit
their different age
a complement

embrace the beauty
they still possess
each full of stories
we should address

for much they've seen
where they still stand
both happy times
and wars at hand

and now i ponder
as you and i
hand in hand
on life's path wander

when I too
am marked with age
and storied lines
cross my visage

will you look
upon my face
and hold me dear
within your space

where i might sing
my soul's refrain
that by your side
i will remain

for i long to be
like these old places
ignoring time
while we age gracious

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  1. Beautiful poem and photo! I'm very happy to be following your blog. Thanks for sharing.

  2. How lovely!
    As you know, my love and I have been a couple for 35 years; so the lines of time and age have certainly appeared. Funny, though, is the gift of double vision. I see the beautiful boy I fell for as well as the magnificent man he's become. Lucky!

  3. A wonderful poem and picture. I have always been fascinated by buildings old and new. They stand as a lesson to us, I think. You seem to hav ecaptured a piece of that in this poem. Very well written, and very enjoyable reading.

  4. enjoyed your advice.

    handsome sentiments shared.

  5. I found it so interesting how you speak so fondly of buildings and city as I do my mountains and country. Completely contrast but with the same passion and reflection. Nice penning.

  6. The image is, wow. Just perfect. You have captured the feel so well. I love looking at buildings, the old ones, especially. Love your blog.

  7. Hello,
    Congrats! for this week Poem of the week we are happy to announce you that your poem has been selected for Poetry Potluck.As your poem is copyright and since you have linked in for submission,we are displaying your poem along with your name and blog links which will appear on Jingle Poetry this Saturday.This will help you to reach more readers .Enjoy!


  8. This is lovely and a well deserved Poem of the Week. I love the way the poem changes focus in the last few stanzas. Beautifully written :)

  9. Oh how beautiful this is!! The photo has the magical feel of heightened clarity.. exceptional. What I like most about your poem was how you moved from the central idea of the architecture:
    they reap
    a mutual benefit
    their different age
    a complement ...
    to the metaphoric idea of growing old. It reminded me of a Yeats poem. Really lovely work.

    Thanks for sharing on Real Toads.