Sunday, August 14, 2011

Art and Marriage

Toronto's Distillery District is a photographer's paradise. In addition to the old buildings, the atmosphere, and the wonderful shops, there are two vintage trucks parked there. I've taken lots of photos of each. And each time I return there, I am always compelled to take at least one more. Following is one from my last trip there earlier this year. I hope you enjoy it... and the whimsy that follows it.

[ f/10, 1/80, 52mm, ISO 200 ]

i do confess
my love of abstract art

for once the artist's done

it's for the viewer
to do their part

it is a marriage
like most other

where each one's vision
bonds them together

and if getting meaning
is too much bother?

why - divorce it then!

for upon some wall
there hangs another

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  1. Perfect wall hanger. Love the rusting colors.

  2. Love the photo. Great job. Nice poem to accompany it, too. I'm curious about the little lever--bottom left. Hood latch? Choke? Primer?

    Here's my offering for Potluck 48:

  3. Interesting comparison and the similarity is nicely framed in this one.

  4. Love it! Beauty is everywhere ! Like the comparison as well!

  5. I liked your poem. It is true that the artist and the one who views art are bonded together. I like the way you expressed that. You are quite a photographer!

  6. @Marbles in My Pocket - I am equally mystified by its function. I tried it to see if anything would happen but it is rusted or held tight in place. My guess would be a hood latch. Perhaps someone 'more mechanical' can enlighten us both :)

  7. I love rusty things, and have a bag full of rusty trinkets I've collected over the years (bottle caps, bits of wire, etc.) Your photo and words are beautiful! Have a lovely day~

  8. Great photo. I enjoyed reading the poem. I chuckled at the "similarity" between modern art and marriage.


  9. Beautiful photography with just the right words to compliment the image.

    Please feel free to link a piece on Real Toads on Monday:

  10. for me, once a picture captures me, i love it forever... i guess that goes for other things too.

  11. wow great shot and loved the words too. so true abt art and the viewer .

  12. Gorgeous. You are a natural when it comes to 'seeing' beauty.

  13. Oh! That is a fabulous image, Mario! I'd hang that in my home in a minute. And the poetic confession... I relate. I am a fan of all forms of art, including the abstract. I love making up meanings, and don't mind if those impressions change with mood or time.

  14. I love your 'abstract art!' What wonderful texture. Very cool. Of course, I love the poem, too.

  15. Amazing post! cool thoughts and the image is just..WOW..;)) happy to have read that!

  16. Very nice analogy very well written. Thanks also for the visit.

  17. great picture and think your poem tells us that it is the viewers perspective which also makes it complete ....thank you for sharing

  18. I like the semi-abstract picture - and the poem sums up my feelings of abstract art perfectly.

  19. The abandoned workhorse of yesterday becomes the art of today. Beautiful photo and poem.

    The lever looks as though it once opened a panel or the hood. Those newer bolts are holding it closed now.