Wednesday, August 31, 2011


When you think of beautiful summer days you often think of clear blue skies. Yet, there can be real beauty in a "cloud-dressed sky" that arrests your gaze and forces you to just marvel at the shapes and beauty that it contains. This photo was taken in Plymouth, Massachusetts during a trip through the New England states in July. Hope you enjoy the photo and the poem.

[ f/10, 1/400, 62mm, ISO 200 ]

The Summer Clouds of Plymouth

when alone
i watch the sea

clouds arise
to lure me

you will find me

beckoned from my

relishing in a

where wind and sail
so well conspire

to force awake
this day's desire

with dreams of places

where minds dissolve

and enjoyment
reigns supreme

oh yes -

these mystic beings
dress the sky

and whether
you be adult
or child-sized

they will not
let you
pass on by

they'll hypnotize
and hold your eye

imploring you
to complete and capture

this inspired view
of cloud filled rapture

All poetry and photos are copyright and the property of Mario Cerroni. Please do not copy or use without permission.

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  1. It is a glorious view, Mario. Clear and crisp and bright. And the verse is lovely and lyrical, seeming to demand a melody to carry it aloft~ into the clouds!

  2. Your poem does the photo great justice. Clear and vivid writing, well done.

    My first kiss entry:

  3. Youpoem is wonderful and really does this photos justice. It was so nice of you to share. My entry this week is

  4. Love your 2 homages to clouds-- a good pair.

  5. Your excitement is felt throughout and the picture adds the visual beauty.

  6. The poem hypnotised and held the ear. Very well done.

  7. Those clouds take my breath away! And your poem was lovely.

  8. Beautiful photo and poem. Yeah, nature's wonders really are capable of transporting us to another world. Well done :)

  9. beautiful imagery, perfect thoughts.

  10. Sweet words and a spectacular shot! Bravo!

  11. Mario, beautiful...both photo and poem.

  12. It would be such a treat to wander aimlessly in of those sail boats admiring the spectacle above :) Lovely thoughts, as usual.

  13. What an incredibly beautiful photo! Enjoyed the poem very much too - those clouds are AMAZING!! We live in beauty.

  14. That's an amazing photo. The perspective is captivating, and your words reflect that. Very nice.

  15. As wonderful as clear skies are, I love the look of clouds. You captured them beautifully, both in the photo and the poem. Masterful job.

  16. Such a lovely matching of image and words

  17. This is the perfect sky for inspiring daydreams, as your poem so aptly expresses.