Sunday, August 21, 2011


I was fortunate to come across a glorious sunflower field not far from where I live. I took many photos there over a period of a week or so. Though this one was taken nearing the end of the sunflower's peak season, it remains one of my favorites. ( For you photo enthusiasts, you'll notice the high ISO. It was a windy day, and quite a bit overcast and I needed to try to freeze the sunflowers in order to capture them as sharp as possible since they were blowing around so much. Hence the bumped up ISO value in order to get a faster shutter speed.) I was struck by the young age of the girl, contrasting the aging of the sunflowers as they approached their season's end. I hope you enjoy the photo and the poem that accompanies it.

[ f/22, 1/160, 70mm, ISO 1250 ]

they speak
though sparingly
to one so innocent

showing beauty first
and then
their glory spent

it is
what she must learn
of passages

where symmetry
drops its petals
one by one

and vibrant yellow
turns to brown

then suddenly
an envy
from my soul is teased

for her view of aging
and how it is appeased

when told
the flower's seeds
will go to ground

to sprout once more
its homage to the sun

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  1. I loved this, and the first three lines alone capture the photo just beautifully ... wonderful!

  2. this works...captures a universal theme

  3. Life is indeed a continuous circle of rebirth and death. The message in your poem came forth powerfully.

  4. A lesson taught early is a lesson more easily remembered.

  5. Your photo and words capture so much of life. Lovely!

  6. that photo is magnificent. whoosh!

  7. The sunflowers indeed look like they are speaking to the girl. Well done.

  8. Mario, this is a truly beautiful picture and poem. I love seeing the young girl studying the flowers, which have already reached their peak beauty, but yet are beautiful to her. And the poem expresses the cycle of life. From time of 'beauty,' through aging and browning, and then again....the seeds, and life anew.

  9. The circle of life. The picture could be studied for long moments; the differnet stages of the flowers. Your words, as always, complment the photo. Very nicely done!

    Here is my offering for this first Gooseberry Garden picnic:

  10. real nice work, pictures always awesome :)
    the poem was quite evocative as well.
    Here's my offering:

  11. Wonderful poem, and a great shot, especially the way the flowers seem to be bending over to speak to her.

  12. very Nice I really like the idea behind this.

  13. What a beautiful poem! There is such sad beauty, mirrored so well by the sunflowers in your photo. Love it, Mario.

  14. Yes, what she must learn, love when life provides these moments that capture so much. Thank you.

  15. this is inspiring, the imagery, message and insights are brilliant.


  16. Beautiful, beautiful. I Love your work.

    Those sunflowers are amazing.

  17. This might be the most well written cycle-of-life poem I've read in a very long time.

  18. You are such an amazing poet! And a great photographer too! Brilliant, just brilliant. :-)

  19. i havnt seen such a flower in years.
    Have you ever read Longing by Mathew Arnold?

  20. The poem is as fine as the image, which is saying a lot. A very impressive post. We were given some sun flowers seeds, have had mixed success with them. They're fascinating plants. You've used ypur find well, b y the sound of it.

  21. I like how you can capture in writing the essence of your photographic images (or vice versa). It's great to be able to integrate your talents. Well done!

  22. Mario, have you read Hopkin's poem "Spring And Fall: To A Young Girl"? Your poem so beautifully expresses the same deep understanding. Great job, as always.