Sunday, September 18, 2011

A Place for Contemplation

Once again I found myself wondering around Andrew Hayden Park on a crisp fall-like day. Being close to the water and feeling unhurried or far from your every day cares can lend itself to moments of quite contemplation. I hope you like both the photo I took and the poem that accompanies it.

[ f/13, 1/30, 24mm, ISO 200 ]
A Place for Contemplation & Dreaming

in the midst of early autumn days
do the best moments for dreams
and contemplations exist

here when seasons merge
one to another
we lay
the stages of our lives
side by side

and then we pause

for we notice
that every now and then
one of our seasons
is more colorful than others

but it is often
too brief

then overshadowed
by cloud and rain
or snowy days

except for those that spend
the rest of the year
applying the lessons
that autumn brings

for them
vibrant color is the theme
for every day

All poetry and photos are copyright and the property of Mario Cerroni. Please do not copy or use without permission.

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  1. Another amazing photo, Mario. I so enjoy your talent. The message contained in the poem is so vital. Really... so much of happiness, contentment, boils down to attitude and acceptance. What a lovely way to head into Sunday afternoon. Thank you!

  2. Somehow the words seem more real, when the image is an original... The sepia tones give the photo a sense of timelessness, and the words carry a similar sense of nostalgia. Lovely work.

  3. great pic and poem - excellent technique

  4. Beautiful picture and poem. Indeed, autumn at its best is the most beautiful season. At its worst, it is miserably dreary.

  5. What a beautiful photo, and your words most definitely mimics the seasons. For me, it's always a matter of holding on through the winter until spring comes and brings my joy back again! Lovely poem.

  6. Your photo and poem match perfectly! Vibrant colors give us life and avenues to move forward. Changing seasons give us reasons to contemplate life deeper yet.

  7. This is a very nice photo, but I really love the poem - so true.

  8. Really great photo and wonderfully wrought poem - together they are just stunning!

  9. excellent photography! I've found lots of nice work on your blog. thanks a lot for sharing with us.