Sunday, September 11, 2011

The Secret Garden

A recent trip to Boston, and a new appreciation of how some cities do a remarkable job of melding old and new, with each complementing the other's beauty. Walking around Trinity Church, I came across this beautiful little garden. The peaceful setting was a wonderful oasis in the city. I hope you enjoy the photo and the poem.

[ f/16, 1/25, 19mm, ISO 800 ]
The Secret Garden - Trinity Church, Boston

some gardens lie in secret
while others are openly admired

where visitors
will pause and often linger

and some
will play the role of gardener
if even for just awhile

for eventually their eyes
are drawn towards another

with blossoms bright
and flowered calling cards

announcing their presence
inviting like no other

it is the secret gardens
that once one scales beyond their walls
that yield their blooms
in wondrous pleasure

for one that cares to look
beyond the seemingly
forbidding wall

and so it is

the few hearts that i have shared
and the many more
that have been missed
by walking on

and so regretful now
do i ponder the failed efforts
and the missed glances
beyond those walls

All poetry and photos are copyright and the property of Mario Cerroni. Please do not copy or use without permission.

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  1. True! It is the secret gardens that are more attractive with their aura of forbidding mystery. This post somehow reminds me of Frances Burnett's "The Secret Garden".

  2. You pulled me in completely with this photo and this poem, Mario. I am an avid gardener; and living in the Sonora Desert creates challenges, joyous accomplishments and a bit of climate envy! I have been to Trinity Church, but in the middle of winter. I missed this spectacular view.

  3. Beautiful poem, Mario. I do think some of the most beautiful gardens are the ones that cannot be so readily seen. There are things that are missed behind walls....of all kinds.

  4. the hidden things are almost always worth the work of discovery.

    'the few hearts that i have shared
    and the many more
    that have been missed
    by walking on'

    this especially seemed to capture the regret we all feel at the 'almosts'

    amazing photo, also.

  5. That is one amazing photo! It looks 3D on my screen. Your angle is brilliant! The poem is also very beautiful. Impressive on both.

  6. lovely poem - I like the photos with it

  7. These secret gardens are often the most wonderous. This reminds me of all the cloister gardens in the churches of Spain - it's interesting how, even when people move half way across the world, they cling to the same architectural traditions.