Monday, September 26, 2011

Some days

Almonte is a wonderful town just oustide of Ottawa. And it has some glorious waterfalls where the river drops mutliple levels as it passes through the town. I spent the better part of an afternoon/evening there recently and came away with a number of photographs that I was quite happy with. The one displayed here shows just a portion of the waterfalls that make up this section. I hope you like both the photo and the poem that accompanies it.

[f/22, 1.3 sec, 62mm, ISO 200 ]


some days
i need your love to wash over me
removing the grievances
that are tattooed deep within my soul

then smooth the craggy edges
that remain from my failures
and disappointments

some days
i need your song to wash over me
keeping me contained
in its unrelenting gentleness

in harmony
with a symphony of cleansing
that only exists
in the silence of rushing water

until the polished essence that remains
is all that is me

wrap me then
in the sound and energy
that brings me life
and renewed love

some days
i need your love to wash over me

All poetry and photos are copyright and the property of Mario Cerroni. Please do not copy or use without permission.

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  1. "then smooth the craggy edges." Looooove it.

  2. The repeated phrase 'some days' is a very effective device, here, Mario. The message of the piece is simultaneously inviting and soothing, reassuring. As ever, you have put me in a better mood than before my arrival and reading. I really love your work.

  3. Beautiful poem! Very nice!

  4. the longing is evidently shown, strong verse,
    well done.

  5. Absolutely beautiful...both picture and piece!!!!

  6. I absolutely love coming to your site, Mario. Once again, a wonderfully beautiful poem and photo. Marvelous. Just marvelous.

  7. Beautifully written and what a spectacular photo - wonderful to be able to see such beauty all the time.

  8. What a lovely photo and poem, it washes away any disappointments from the soul :)

  9. I never know what to say about your poetry - repeatedly saying 'I love this' seems trite, but I do. I can't even pick out a favourite line because it all works so well!

  10. amazing post! u've done really excellent job!! thanks a lot for sharing with us.

  11. excellent photography! I've found lots of nice work on your blog. thanks a lot for sharing with us.

  12. This is mind blowing,
    love you for writing such heart warming piece.

    How are you today?

    Happy end of November!

    Appreciated your support to our poetry picnic,

    Hope to see you share today,

    A random poem or old poem will do the wonders too.

    Your talent rocks.

    Hope to see you in.