Sunday, December 4, 2011

She doesn't live here anymore...

I'm always intrigued by doors, especially old ones like this one. What went on behind them? What do they say about the people that lived or worked there? What memories or emotions do they stir up?

[ f/10, 52mm, 1/40, ISO 800 ]

She doesn't live here any more

she doesn't live here anymore
perhaps she never did

admit it
you were a heal

and your memory of her
is as faded
as the memory
of where she lived

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  1. Faded memories behind a faded door; nice imagery.

  2. Brutal honesty! Great pic and interesting words. I love old doors too and often photograph them as well as windows.

  3. The photo is stunning... I, too, have an affinity for doors and windows. Have taken hundreds of snaps thereof in the American Southwest as well as western Europe. Nice! And the poem is perfect. Simply perfect. Miss you!

  4. @Paul Andrew Russell - thanks for stopping by; glad you like this one.
    @Zouxzoux - thanks to you too for stopping by. Windows and doors have such great possibilities don't they?
    @Kim Nelson - I too have missed our interaction over the last few months. I've been by your site but it looks like you are still fighting the 'poet's block' - or are you posting somewhere other than

  5. I am intrigued by old doors too... and your post is thoughtful.... did you mean "you were a heel?"

    Nice to meet you ~

  6. Always a toss up as to which delights me more - your photography or your prose - the combination here is stunning.

  7. vivid imagery in your words.

    welcome joining poetry picnic today.

  8. what a gr8 job u've done :)
    thanks for sharing..

  9. Mario, great photo. That door certainly contains a lot of history, although perhaps, considering your poem, an illusory one. I'm also intrigued by doors, all the secrets and mysteries they hide. And also as passageways into the unknown. Take care, brother. Miss your presence on the forum.

  10. I don't know much about of photography. But one thing for sure to take this kind of photo which looks ordinary normally look different in the eyes of photography. Really nice thinking.

  11. What hits me about this door is the complete absence of any kind of door knob. It is totally, totally shut. I wonder, does it open from the other side????