Tuesday, June 7, 2011


I took this photo at Eastern State Penitentiary in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.The prison is no longer in operation but remains open as a 'prison museum' and as a place of historical interest. I was struck by the fact that many of the cells had a 'skylight' as this photo shows. And I began to wonder about the person sitting there day after day in the cell.

[ f/22, 14mm, 1.3 sec, ISO 200 ]

is to be without a dream
to give me hope

is to be where the light shines
only what light there is
shines not on what i have
but illuminates what i have lost

is to know that tomorrow
and every day
will be as empty as today

is to forget
the faces of loved ones
no longer able
to remember
how their smiles looked

is to be haunted
by an ever fading memory
that slowly leaves
my clenched fist
as i try in vain
to hold it still

is to hear my heart beating
in an endless solo
never to feel the harmony
of another keeping pace

i am
a - l - one

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