Sunday, January 29, 2012

In the Middle of It All

I love to come across street art. There is so much possibility for a perfect interaction between art, artist, and both suspecting and unsupecting audiences. I hope you like the photo and the poem that accompanies it.

[ f/9, 1/160, 45mm, ISO 400 ]

In the Middle

some days
your love
rises up in front of me
making me feel small
as i pass in front
of your searing eyes

and i worry
that somewhere behind
there are others
offering gifts to you
and eager
to run me down

until your gaze
shades itself from all others
then falls upon my face

and i lie
reassured once more
in your embrace

All poetry and photos are copyright and the property of Mario Cerroni. Please do not copy or use without permission.

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  1. I am familiar with those feelings of insecurity and the picture as well as the words portray it dramatically.

  2. Wow! Both the image and the poem are stunning. I've experienced this before but the reassurance came sparsely until one day it ceased. Great writing!

  3. Wow! Quite unsettling - the feelings of insecurity. Well captured, and the image too.

  4. The interaction between art, artist and audience is what I love about street art (or any type of street performance, for that matter). That mural is disturbingly large...

  5. Beautiful words that capture your amazing photography!

  6. From opening to closing this was simply delightful !!!

  7. Love the street art and the person passing by so tiny below. It really lends itself to your verse and vice versa.

  8. Beautiful Picture and what an amazing poem to go with it.