Monday, May 28, 2012

For Su Zen

I attended a talk by Suzanne Warren Powell as part of an "artist talk series" through the West Carleton Art Society called "Articulate" where I was inspired by her approach to her art and the way that her life's events so vividly impacted her art and her views about art. As she talked about some of the more poignant events in her life, I sketched out the poem that appears below. I was looking for the perfect photo to accompany it and did a search of my photos. Nothing really struck me. Then this past Friday I went on an errand and visited the Shenkman Arts Center and had a chance to wander around its galleries and hallways. It was there, standing on the main floor and looking into the lower level that I saw the effect of sunlight streaming through the coloured panes of glass and throwing patterns on the bottom floor in bold colourful strokes. As the light seemed to be constantly changing due to the sun and cloud coming in the windows, I needed to work quickly from the floor above to capture the photo below. I hope you like both the photo and the poem.

"when light decides to paint"
[ f/11, 1/160, 70mm, ISO 800 ]

when light decides to paint

work rapidly
work boldly

to drop your fears
beneath the canvas

no -

bury them instead
beneath the layers

as you paint
with the pigments
of your pain

friends and lovers
to whom you've revealed
your inner world

will raise a glass

and toast
the shared tasting

the tears

the salty trails
ingrained upon your soul

Suzanne did talk about many happy moments too. In spite of the poem that ended up writing itself during and after the talk, the evening was rather uplifting and the inspiration that she draws from nature and from her son Eric's photography was a joy to experience. I think that when a talk or an encounter with a person sparks your own creativity, there can be no better gift that can be given to you.

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