Friday, June 15, 2012

city life

I took this photograph at the Museum of Nature in Ottawa. I was on the 3rd level and shooting across the lobby space ( the open center that goes from the ground floor to the roof ). It is a very impressive space. Anyway, I shot from the older side across the space towards the new side and caught this scene through the glass window that was on the opposite side of the lobby. It created a bit of a surreal scene with the city in the far background and the big blue whale (advertising the whales display), hanging from above. And the window itself provided a nice frame for it all :)

Hope you like the photo and the poem.

[ f/16, 1/50, 24mm, ISO 400 ]
" city life "

city life

take company with you
when you go
into the city

help with
navigating its
mazes and patterns
is always a good idea

after all
geometry isn't always
easy to apply
in the real world


if you should happen
to encounter a whale

you can get
an immediate opinion
about what to do

and then
you can update your social status
to say:

" i saw a whale
in the sky today "

and it would be true

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  1. Mario, I enjoyed this poem. I don't think I have seen you 'around' in a while. Your poem makes a good point...geometry IS not easy to apply to the real world. And if one sees a whale in the sky, one definitely SHOULD have a witness along.

  2. The woman right in the center gives the whole photograph it's depth and perspective. A lovely picture that compliments your prose so well. The reference to the whale in the sky is priceless. We are always seeing pictures in clouds in the sky so, this made perfect sense to me and, yes, it needs someone to share it with :)

  3. Your picture and poem complement each other perfectly. Those last lines made me laugh :). Thanks for stopping by my blog!

  4. This is sublime: that photo is so multi-layered, and multi-centuried in its contrasts. I love the words you have written to accompany it - especially the last updated status - so apposite to our times, and yet wonders still abound.

    If you would ever consider being featured as a photographer for a poetry prompt at 'Real Toads', please drop me a line.

    An example:

  5. This is really thought-provoking - the image is spectacular and then the poem plays off it wonderfully, especially the part about seeing the whale in the sky. I love it. Nice to see you at the Pantry!

  6. What lovely perspective of the window and your word choice of seeing whale in the sky ~

  7. Oh this is a wonderful write. Love the pic too!

  8. Haven't been there since the renos...thanks for the update with words and image.

  9. How wondrous the photo and the poem. You made me look up, hoping for a whale. Alas, one did not appear, but the looking up was a lovely change in my day.

  10. Absolutely!

    This is what makes a good day on the blogs, great.
    Absolutely beautiful writing, tight, tongue in cheek, surprising with image and flavour...absolutely gorgeous.

    No, really.

    And what a fabulous photo. You seen the shading off the arch as your eye reads from top to bottom towards the sill? That shading at the top is so's godsend, it's being at the right place at the right time, it's making and taking an opportunity.

    This is just fantastic.

  11. I like your line about geometry not being easy to apply to the real world, Mario. Next time I have trouble understanding people/life, ie in about 30 seconds, I'll go look for a whale in the sky.

  12. Nice one.

    I too need a navigator in the city. Confusion amongst the masses.