Friday, June 29, 2012

every woman has her own poem

Once again, the venue for this photo is Andrew Hayden Park in Ottawa, just as the sunset called everyone to stop and watch her glory unfold. A late spring night, a woman watching the colours of the setting sun, and of course a poem :)

[ f/6.3, 1/800, 32mm, ISO 800 ]

each woman has her own poem

each and every woman
has her own poem

though not all the verses
will end in rhyming couplets

perhaps you'll think it's just another tired line

but if this is your poem

then please 
forgive the dissonance

from my inability to rhyme

All poetry and photos are copyright and the property of Mario Cerroni. Please do not copy or use without permission.
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  1. I like your style...glad I came across your blog.

  2. For beautiful photos I can forgive anything!

    PS: Except Word Verification!

  3. Love your snapshot ~ Doesn't matter if it doesn't rhyme ~

  4. I enjoyed this greatly! I do agree that every woman (or man) has her/his own poem....or perhaps many. Rhyme is inconsquential.

    I agree with J Cosmo about Word Verification! Is it possible to eliminate it to make it easier for your commenters?

  5. I think anyone would forgive you, if it were a poem for her. :-)

    Happy Canada Day.

  6. This is just perfect in every way: your lines carry the right measure of weight, and ring sincere - definitely not some other tired line, but unrhymed poetry.

    I love the tranquility of the photo.

  7. Sometimes things that aren't perfect (though this piece is!) are more beautiful because of the imperfectons.

  8. The most sincere writing comes impulsively from the heart. Rhymed poetry is over-rated in my book. :) Beautiful poem and photo!

  9. Nice to visit this afternoon to a wonderful piece and photo!

  10. I LOVE "every woman has her own poem".........enjoyed this poem immensely, especially the cleverness of your closing lines.

  11. Thanks everyone - for Mary and J Cosmo... and others too - the word verification is now turned off. Hope to see you visit again.

  12. This gorgeous scene certainly thrills me as a poem would!