Sunday, July 29, 2012

a story incomplete

This photo was taken inside the Balaclava Mill located in Renfrew County in Eastern Ontario. It is a wonderful old structure no longer in operation and in danger of falling into the river that once powered it. Inside there is evidence of old workplaces and of the workers that must have toiled long hours there.

[ f/22, 1/5, 14mm, ISO 200 ]

the story incomplete

there was lots
that i found
long after you had moved on

but most pieces
were broken

and whatever use 
or beauty they once held
remains forever as incomplete 
as the untold story
you left behind

i like to think
that perhaps you found love

and that you looked back warmly
at the long hours you toiled

and remembered how you held 
then shaped each piece so fondly

as you peered out the window
smiling at how the memory of her
filled your working days

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  1. Every picture tells a story. Sad to see these old building left to rot, isn't it. Great photograph. I love all the details you put into your poem. The sad memories and yet, the hope that she found another person to love her is a generous one and, I think speaks of what love is. If you really love someone, you still want them to be happy, even if it isn't with you.
    A lovely read. Thank you.

  2. So glad to have found you this Sunday morning.
    Love your atmospheric images and will peruse more soon.
    [can one 'peruse' images?}
    This crumbling structure ought to have a Preservation Order slapped on to it. Looks worth preserving, don't you agree?

  3. The first five lines hooked me completely, and this may be my favourite poem yet. The textures within the photo are amply transferred to the written word.

    I guess we all leave an untold story behind us, and not always one with a happy ending.

  4. I like to image the "people stories" behind the scenes as well. Nice take!

  5. I so love imagining the untold the way you pictured the worker, looking out the window with thoughts of returning home to his loved one.

  6. I like your interpretation of the photo.

  7. As usual, Mario, you took a fabulous photograph and illuminated the truth of it, poetically. A masterful documentarian and story-teller, you never fail to pique my interest and poke my curiosity. Thank you.

  8. Those old buildings and pieces have their own stories ~

    Thanks for sharing your pictures ~

  9. lovely, serene and beautifully sensitive.

  10. I love abandoned buildings, although I'm always waiting for someone to shoo me away! Thank you for this wonderful photo and the poignant poem.

  11. beautiful, i read both acceptance and nostalgia, a sense of wistfulness for what's passed

  12. Something positive from broken glass...excellent angle, unexpected.

  13. What beautiful work. I've considered writing poems from photos I've taken but have never been able to pull it off. Now I see I don't have to, I can just come here. I loved the poem all by itself, but with the photograph it's stunning. I'm so glad to have found your site ... I will come here often. Thanks for visiting my site.

  14. Mario,

    You have captured so well all the emotions which work well with the image.
    I too often dream about the lives which may have once been attached to an old, disused home or building.
    A very fitting connection.
    Thank you for your visit to my Blog and your kind comments.


  15. Such a touching piece! It's wonderful to think that someone will come along one day and find the things we worked on and wonder what the rest of the story holds.